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Attacks on Second Amendment – Growing

amendmentWhy is the nation so low on ammunition? Does it have anything to do with gun control? Should we be asking? Should we be thinking about the Second Amendment? Why are Biden, Harris, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and leading Democrats trying to limit gun buying and justify confiscation? This is the right time to ask. We must stay focused.

In the same month, top Democrats push to remake the Supreme Court, “packing” membership with four liberal justices, ending a century and a half of precedent – grabbing the Court, and in the process arguably destroying it, they are centralizing power in other ways.

One is a go-for-broke effort to upend the 2nd Amendment – starting with bills like H.R. 127, which conditions gun ownership on a government psychologist, pushes long prison sentences for unlicensed ownership, bans, and gun confiscation.

Last week Biden pushed his executive authority – again hammering gun rights. As if brazenly lying to second graders, he started with: “Nothing I am about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment.” You know, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain; this little shot will not hurt, if you make a face, it will freeze, and death by a thousand cuts is painless. Sure.

Biden then proceeded to tell us “no amendment is absolute,” you never could “own any weapon you wanted,” “certain people were not allowed to own,” and so it is “bizarre” to imagine the Democrats want to impair your Second Amendment rights. Are you kidding? If you are convinced – I have some swamp land for you and feel free to busy yourself on how the moon is made of green cheese.

Biden then demanded Justice stop Americans from making guns from kits, owning guns without serial numbers, using braces for handguns (which improve accuracy, God forbid). He pushed citizen informers, what he euphemistically called “community violence intervention,” and laws that require throwing red flags at worrisome neighbors, the sort that cut the grass too close to yours. See, e.g.,

Notably, H.R. 127 pushes – in tandem with Biden’s non-worrisome clampdown – the idea that a neighbor should let the government know if they think you are depressed, have an addiction, or meet a list of other suspicious behaviors. See, e.g.,

While not the Soviet Union or Maoist China, these provisions sound frighteningly like Orwell, who reminded us – if we dare remember – the meaning of words, the ambit of freedom, and the power of elites are related. When meanings change and freedom shrinks, society changes. As he noted, “who controls the past controls the future … and who controls the present controls the past.”

Let us be clear: The Second Amendment was second for a reason because freedoms identified in the First – and throughout the Bill of Rights – required protection. Yes, citizens had a right to self-defense and defense of others – notably a provision included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and United Nations doctrine – but more: They had a right to protect themselves against a voracious government. That is why the Amendment exists.

Now to specifics. Americans should be on guard – to protect our God-given rights, distilled and embodied in our Constitution. We should be aware of the bold, frontal attack on these rights, including Biden’s and Harris’ – who tried to nobble gun manufacturers in California when she was a prosecutor.

We should be aware of the rising clamor in a Democrat-controlled Congress for facially unconstitutional legislation and crass manipulation of the Supreme Court – to declare this unconstitutional legislation constitutional. To these people, ends justify means. They crave the self-licking ice cream cone power.

But other threats require focus. Movement in the bushes cannot be ignored. When the “Band of Brothers,” Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th parachute regiment, 101st Airborne – defended freedom at Bastogne, they wrestled snow, cold, enemy artillery, working firearms. They also feared – lack of ammunition. A gun without ammunition is just a piece of metal. Enemies of freedom know that.

Worrisome then, especially in a time of riots, defunding police, increased legal ownership, and public unease – including by Democrat attacks on gun rights – is another fact. Ammunition for basic firearms, the sort people use for self-protection, like 9mm, is drying up. The reasons are many, and not necessarily nefarious – reduced production during the pandemic, more interest, needs of local law enforcement, but guns are not worth much without ammunition. And to be very clear – this is a real-time issue, right now, unfortunately, perhaps coincidentally, at this exact time. See, e.g.,;

The main point is simple – and should be compelling. Each generation must make real the promise of this Republic, meaning of Constitutional process and Bill of Rights. If we do not stay real, they do not stay real. If we do not stay focused on text, context, what to protect, the picture gets blurry. Rights are lost when not defended. The Biden-Harris team, and anti-constitutional colleagues on the Hill, plainly do not respect the 2nd Amendment’s history, purpose, or import. That is why we must.

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Charles W Bray
1 year ago

Texas just passed constitutional carry and has done away with permits for law abiding citizens. You should add that to your group of articles on the second amendment. Thanks

1 year ago

I’ve been reloading ammunition for 50 years and I have never seen a shortage of brass ,primers, bullets and gun powder even when we were afraid Hillary would be president. something is happening here and it ain’t exactly clear.

Lawrence Greenberg
1 year ago

Too many people have a simple and basic misunderstanding about “gun control.” “Gun control” is not now, and has never been, about crime or criminals.  Quite frankly, the Left couldn’t give a rat’s behind about crime or criminals.  Gun control is, and has always been, about disarming the citizenry so they cannot represent a threat to the government once the Left establishes the dictatorship they have been working toward for well more than half a century and, thanks to the stolen elections of November and January, are now in the process of consolidating.  The key word in the term “gun control” is not “gun” – it is “control.”  A quick study of basic world history will show that one of the first actions taken by every Communist government upon their takeover was to go to all of the local police stations, get the lists of gun owners, and then go door to door and disarm everyone.  That is why the Communists – er, I mean the Democrats – want a national gun registry.  Is there really anyone at this point in time who still does not understand this?

And by the way, it is way beyond disingenuous that the Left always speaks of “we need gun control” as if there were currently no laws concerning firearms. There are now more than 23,000 gun control laws in effect at the federal, state, and local levels in this nation. Every conceivable aspect of firearm purchase, ownership, and use is covered dozens of times over. Firearms are by far the single most regulated and restricted consumer product in this nation. The only ones who are impacted by all these laws are the law-abiding. Criminals very rarely (check the FBI data on this) even attempt to obtain firearms through legal channels, and are thus unaffected by “gun control.” As I stated above, “gun control” has nothing to do with crime or criminals.

Keith Keiser
1 year ago

Hunter Biden lied on his gun application when the question came up if he used illegal drugs. His handgun was thrown in a dumpster in a school zone. All these are crimes. They can start enforcing the laws on the books, no new laws are needed!

1 year ago

The subtle effect of the educators in the 1930’s to place socialist values in our schools has finally blossomed today with the likes of the admitted Marxists (who, by the way have taken as much as 70% of the tens of millions dollars given to the BLM cause) endorsing the BLM movement and the so called progressives (communists) to our current regime in the White House who seem to want to destroy our country, has finally come to a head.

The Republican Party has absolutely nothing to do but compromise with
them instead of screaming from the top of their lungs about how they are hell bent on destroying our country. SHAME ON THOSE limp wrist Republicans. I just wonder if some are not in bed with socialists.

1 year ago
Reply to  Robert

Robert, amen! As far as in bed with the Socialists;

You cannot trust these guys,
Communists in disguise!

What the young are taught,
The young have bought!

Atheistic evolution extravaganza,
America is evil propaganda!

Marxism does indoctrinate,
Capitalism you must hate.

Anti-God and His Law for a proselyte,
Return to God and His Law, we must fight.

This infiltration is not young,
Finally it seems the battle is begun.

Education alone is not the key,
God is sovereign throughout history!

Unless we return to our Biblical past,
This once great nation we crumble fast!

1 year ago
Reply to  Bill

Correction last line: . . . will crumble fast!
I wish they had an editing function. ????

1 year ago

Unfortunately, many Americans and many Christians have erroneously been taught that ROMANS 13 ( which understandably has limitation clauses) means unlimited obedience to the state. A good book that I am presently reading is, “The Doctrine Of The Lesser Magistrates, A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government”, by MATTHEW J. Trewhella.

The liberty, peace and order of Western society for centuries now (especially America) is attributed to our laws being the standard of God and His Law, mainly the Bible and it’s general principles. All authority is “delegated” by God the absolute higher authority and the lesser magistrates (as was the case in The American Revolution) have a duty to “interpose” if tyrannical, unconstitutional and lawless behavior presents itself and unjustly infringes itself upon civilian liberty( although liberty is not absolute there is not freedom to anarchy, murder, etc.)

As a believer saved by the incomparable grace of Jesus Christ and His perfect vicarious sufferings, I do not place myself in any bandwagon or agree with any one man 100% of the time and am not sure where I stand as far as to what extent a Christian may obey an ungodly statute but this book is very interesting.

Interesting what they are doing presently in Great Britain (Australia – recent AMAC News, if I read it correctly) with Laws expected to pass, that will even criminalize parents from speaking to their children about the evils of sodomy, transgender, etc.

Atheistic, evolutionary, Marxism, has been slowly integrating for decades (remember they rid the education of the young with a Biblical Worldview and replace it with an atheistic, secular, humanistic statism).

Infiltration and propaganda, two key Communist terms.

Complacent and naive,
While the Communists had these two up their sleeve!
Power hungry man since Adam and Eve,
The Bible in school, we need to retrieve!

1 year ago
Reply to  Bill

You are so right. Our Schrewels (schools) do not have the guts to teach USA history and how much love for the formation or the constitution and Bill of Rights our founding fathers had.

1 year ago

The anti-gun marxists don’t understand that we who support the 2nd have all the guns and ammo…AND WE WILL USE THEM!…BOOM!

1 year ago

It is amazing the schools don’t teach the reasons Japan was fearful of invading the USA. They admitted they were afraid of the million man militia they would face.

Cindy C
1 year ago

With the climate of unrest in our country today, one will not find me demonstrating in public venues. I write my reps in my state and in DC almost weekly. My reps in DC are all dems so all I get in reply is a form letter thanking me for my interest. I am just so tired of reading articles like this every day and nothing ever gets done. My mailbox is full of requests from donations from every organization on earth. Our representatives are all over conservative media agreeing with the hosts and again, nothing gets done, send me your money. We need strong and purposeful leaders not afraid to upset the apple cart in DC. Until they get the cajones to actually work for the people and put the dems in their place, nothing will ever change.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cindy C

You are right. Our namby Pamby Republicans won’t even open their mouths against these communists.

J. Farley
1 year ago

Here are same solution’s to the ammunition shortages, First: Start to learn to handload your own ammunition, Second: Join a local Gun Club, and prove that you are a Pro-second amend, Citizen. many members cast their own bullets, volunteer to pay for material and help cast the bullets, for part of the end product. Third: Use the ammunition sparingly, only shoot enough to be comfortable with the firearm. Fourth: Practice handling the firearm with an empty gun, which would be accessing the gun, from its place of safe keeping, and taking a sight picture until it becomes second nature and remember that to gain marksmen ship, concentrate on the front sight—the target and the rear sight should be slightly blurred and the front sight should look crisp and clear, your eye cannot focus on three points at the same time that’s why the front sight is the most important. Fifth: Never let you supply of Ammo. Fall below 200 rounds. Sixth: Subscribe to emails from on line sights, like, Midway USA., Cheaper than Dirt,
Mid-south, Natchez, Sportsmen’s guide, and many others they all get new shipments but supplies go quick, so you need to be ready to buy as soon as they get new shipments. Seventh: Support no gun control that impacts the Law Abiding Citizen, NONE, NONE, NONE !
And safe shooting.

1 year ago

We are at wore with the democrats in Washington and you better get your guns loaded or they will take all that you have.

1 year ago

Thank you, Ron Howard and Jim D. He armed His angels!

Nobody’s Business
1 year ago

I think the Democrats should read the comments on all of these forums, they will realize that no one is going to give up their guns without a fight. And there is plenty of comments about that starting a civil war. And if you read anything you’ll find out how a civil war works. First you go after the leaders that want to break the 2nd amendment. Then you go after the people that vote for these socialist Democrats. Even though a lot of first time Democrats bought a lot of guns and ammunition last year because of Democrat policies allowing rioting, I’m willing to bet that a lot of freedom loving Americans can out shoot the Democrats. I’ve read enough forums to realize a lot of gun loving USA loving conservatives are willing to die for this country, are the Democrats that willing? I doubt it !

Patty R
1 year ago

This article asks “why is there such an ammunition shortage”? I can answer that. Last year when the Democratic-controlled cities had relentless riots and looting, and were burning to the ground, average Americans ran to the gun stores to arm themselves and buy the needed ammunition for protection, thus creating the shortage. I know gun stores that have waiting lists for ammunition. Threaten law abiding citizens with this continual lawlessness, and you can bet they will arm themselves.

Craig B Bergman
1 year ago

In all authoritarian governments, one of the first things they do is to restrict, then abolish private firearm ownership. Just look at the USSR, Red China, Nazis; just 3 examples of one-sided governmental power plays. The democrat party is blatantly moving along this same path, packing the Supreme Court, Washington D.C. as the 51st state, spending trillions on pork and, including this administration, openly lying to the American people repeatedly. We are law-abiding, true American patriots and must take a stand now, or we will lose many of our cherished freedoms and rights.

1 year ago

There’s going to be a lot of blood shed before this one is over

Ed J
1 year ago

The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is absolutely necessary to keep America free. Remove arms from the citizenry, and you will almost instantaneously have tyranny. You can’t start (or much less win) a rebellion against tyranny by throwing rocks at the tyrant whose people have ALL the guns on their side.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ed J

That’s why the Democrats want to take guns out of the hands of the American public. A disarmed citizenry is so much easier to manage and control, when there is no possibility of successful resistance.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

It’s going to take more than a stroke of an idiots pen and his cronies forcing the issue to get the guns from the American citizens. They are waging the next war

Last edited 1 year ago by HocasPocas
Ron Howard
1 year ago
Reply to  Ed J

Just to be clear, the Second Amendment to the Constitution did NOT “GIVE” us the right to “keep and bear arms”, it merely recognized and CONFIRMED our already unalienable, God given right, adding that it “shall not be infringed”! Even if they somehow were able to remove the Second Amendment it would not remove our UNALIENABLE Right to keep and bear arms.

Jim D.
1 year ago
Reply to  Ron Howard

The bill of rights is nothing more then an enumerated list of god given (unalienable) rights we are born with that spells out for GOVERNMENT exactly what is OFF LIMITS to them. “Shall not be infringed” is certainly not “May not be infringed”! They said SHALL for a reason. The bill of rights is actually a list of rights that forbids tampering by government!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jim D.

Better get ready to fight for your God given rights, because that’s the only way that you’re going to keep them

David B.
1 year ago

They’re comin’ for ya- who’s gonna lay down, and who will stand up?

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