Are You a Dissatisfied Voter?

dissatisfiedWow, this is terrible. Via The Hill:

More than seven in 10 U.S. voters, 71 percent, are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Monday.

A plurality of Americans, 41 percent, reported being “very dissatisfied” for the survey, while 30 percent were “somewhat dissatisfied,” 26 percent “somewhat satisfied” and 2 percent “very satisfied.”

And there’s more:

The poll found little enthusiasm for Congress, with a majority of voters saying they did not approve of the way Republicans and Democrats are handling their jobs, 81 percent and 66 percent, respectively.

People often ask me what I think most voters are looking for in a presidential candidate. Leadership, efficiency, and authenticity come to mind pretty quickly. Most voters are disheartened with politicians, political parties, and everything that reeks of the same old business-as-usual nonsense that never fixes anything.

But I’m interested in what you have to say…

Are you surprised by the findings above? Do you agree with them?

Are any of the GOP presidential candidates addressing your concerns in a way that inspires confidence?

What’s your advice to GOP candidates in terms of delivery and policy as they relate to the dissatisfaction so many voters feel?

Tweet me @JedediahBila and tell me what you think.

Jedediah Bila is a Fox News host and commentator, author, columnist, and former professor and academic dean. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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Gary Adams
7 years ago

It is obvious to anyone who looks and listens to how this so-called government , that is and oxymoron, operates. It is the United States Corporation existing in its corporate limits of The District (of criminals) Colombia. The President of this oligarchy is Obummer. The Congress is his board of directors of the Corporation. USA INC. In no way do the Nationals in this country have any say in the operation of Corporation. We are all slaves to the legal , not lawful, system or statutes. It is so perverted even the educated beings cannot see past what they have been tought. So it will go on as Mr, Ross described it has been 7 years since the last banker bust on the economy get ready the next one is coming!!.

mickey c ross
7 years ago

I believe people are getting so mad at the way the government is running this country that the united states is getting to be like a powder keg and if the right fuse comes along there’s going to be a helluva explosion

Roy Freeman
7 years ago
Reply to  mickey c ross

And that is just what ass=obama wants. So he can declare marshal law and then there would be no election. Everyone says he is stupid. But all of congress i even more so. And they are all cowards. To let ass obama get away with all the treason THEY say he is doing and not reining him in. Every incumbent politician, clear down including the governors, should be impeached. I have several relatives in the service and some of the rumors they are hearing is that according to the pledge they swore to on joining the service: To follow the constitution and protect against all terrorist, both foreign and “DOMESTIC” . They feel they have the DUTY to shoot the president as a terrorist. I tell them to start with congress and work their way up through the judges and before they got very far, the self serving politicians would get busy and what they know should be done.

mickey c ross
7 years ago
Reply to  Roy Freeman

that might be true but I believe Obama is going to be sitting on top of that powder keg when it goes off….the man lives in a la la land…he probably thinks global warming is the cause of it all…what scares me is those people who put him in office, they’er just as nuts as he is, they have no common sense what so ever…..

mickey c ross
7 years ago

I’m sick and tired of the republicans saying what all they going to do to stop Obama and when we get them in office they do nothing in fact they seem to help the democrats pass their laws….one was the obamacare, we don’t won’t it, we hate, and what did the republicans do? …nothing in fact I would bet you they don’t even have a health plain…they are just all talk….so what are we suppose to do?

Roy Freeman
7 years ago

Every single person in congress(and those also married) should be tried for treason. Ass-obama most of all, but the rest for not trying him for treason. Like standing there and watch someone rape and murder a young girl and do nothing. They are just as guilty as the perpetrator. Some in congress have said ass-obama should be tried, but that is just window dressing as it goes no farther. Then the governors have to take some of the blame as they could band together (as it only takes 35 to convene) and throw his ass in prison. And how many more times, (and how many more people in Hawaii ) have to swear ass-obama was not born there but out of the country. I could write reams of ass-obamas violations. But I am sure I have made my point even to the dema RATS and republa CANTS,. May God have mercy on this great America, because the rest of the world is laughing at as.

mickey c ross
7 years ago
Reply to  Roy Freeman

to Roy Freeman, …..all I can say is AMEN

7 years ago

I’m looking for candidates who respect the US Constitution as it is written (not as it can be twisted and spun) and are prepared to adhere to it, TO THE LETTER.

Ivan Berry
7 years ago

It doesn’t really matter how many voters are displeased with the outcomes. Half or so are displeased that more leftist acts haven’t occurred, while another half or so wanted more acts to the right. This country is split like it was never before, and no ideaology advocate has a lock on that displeasure. I put about as much stock in polls as I do in politicians or self-appointed spokesmen for party politics. What would be better than polls is someone to get up and forcefully declare that the Constitution must be honored, be they media, political functionaries, or private citizen. No one is honoring the document that was responsible for our earlier success as a nation of Federated States.

7 years ago

You want to fix congress?

Then fix the rigged system of redistricting or gerrymandering where state congressional districts are drawn without regard for local boundaries, or continuous communities.

As it is now congressional districts are drawn by partisan officials and set along partisan lines.

Every congressional district in my state looks like an ink blot from a Rorschach test and heavily favors Republicans. This is precisely why Republicans were able to keep control of the House of Representatives in 2012 despite losing the congressional popular vote nationwide by 1.4 million votes.

The solution to fixing congress: create a non-partisan committee and let them redraw districts in every state that are logical and not designed to keep electing unqualified individuals and sending them to DC.

I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts the percentage for Congressional approval will rise.

7 years ago
Reply to  PaulO

Hey BozO, why don’t you just move to one of those “blue” states like California or New York? … Then you can keep electing Communists all you want! … Congressional approval isn’t going to rise anytime soon. Haven’t you noticed the groundswell of support for candidates without the “usual political baggage”? … The American people are tired of career politicians that promise one thing to get elected and then just do whatever they feel like after they’re elected! … We the People, are fed up with elected officials that forget they work for us! … Of course, that doesn’t include YOUR Democrats, who are only interested in pushing their Communist agenda! … Like Obama, like Hillary, both of which are graduates of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals philosophy of lying to promote the Communist agenda! … Now, of course, if the media had pointed that out, these Commies would NEVER be elected … but, ALL major media outlets, except Fox, are now owned by Communists. … In fact, all Republican candidates should be asking this question in all their advertising …. “What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Communist?” … Tell me, BozO, you know the answer … it’s, there isn’t ANY difference!!! …

7 years ago

I agree with the polls. It has become painfully obvious that we need term limits and a huge overhaul of how Congress “regulate” themselves. If I were to be voted into Congress, the first Bills I would introduce would be:

(1) Impose Term Limits for all current and future members of the House.
(2) Regulations that specifically prohibits any member from either House, their families or employees ANY exemption from current or future laws.
(3) A change in the salary structure that caps the salary for members of both Houses.
(4) Change the laws so that there are no longer any loopholes on the type and amount of gifts any member from either House can receive while in office and 10-years after they leave office.
(5) Change the laws so that there is a cap on the amount of salary, wage, contract payment, speaking fees or gifts that former members of the House, Federal Appointments, elected Federal Officials and high-ranking Military Personnel for10-years after they leave office.
(6) Prohibition for any former members of the House, Federal Appointments, elected Federal Officials and high-ranking Military Personnel from doing work as Lobbyists for 10-years after they leave office.
(7) A deadline for when a Bill can be introduced for a vote based on the size of the Bill. The cushion should be based on no more than 200-pages per 8-hour business day. This means that the 20,000 page Obamacare would have had to be submitted at least 100 business days prior to the scheduled discussion and vote.
(8) That every voting member of the House had to have read each and every Bill they will be voting on or face a huge fine. Even if this means they have to attend a scheduled briefing by the Bill’s author and/or sponsor.
(9) That every politician who introduces a Bill must be able to provide a scheduled briefing that outlines what their Bill’s purpose is for before it is allow to be “discussed” or voted on.

Yeah, I know it’ll never happen.

7 years ago
Reply to  Carlos

You said at the end of your comments, “Yeah, I know it’ll never happen.”

May be it will if the American people start implementing their rights and show up to the Polls and vote for those that can best serve their values and ideas for the State.
Also like you said “Term Limits” for Senators, so if they don’t serve well there out in a couple of years anyways.
Here is a novel idea, let them get paid what they did back at the beginning of our Country. Back then it was 6.00 for every hour worked. in today’s money that would be about $ 153.84/ hour. If they were not working they would not get paid. This would eliminate power hungry lying types.

Another thing I would like to see happen, if Congress did not start Impeachment proceedings when there were grounds for impeachment. The States would take a People’s Vote. This would stop Political Interest from rearing it’s ugly head amongst those in Congress. It would also stop an overuse of power by a President.

I think this kind of sums up my Dissatisfaction with the Government and with those American that don’t get out to vote on Election day.

7 years ago
Reply to  Carlos

The problem with term limits is they will only be effective if the bureaucracy they create is taken down with them.

Douglas Sander
7 years ago

I could not agree more with the poll results. Today’s “political class” has become the modern “Roman Empire”. Look at how they consume the benefits and wealth of the nation for themselves; how they live in an unrealistic bubble of Washington D.C. and talk about prosperity that doesn’t exist elsewhere; how they surround themselves with power to keep power rather than serve and protect the people and nation. I never believed I would live to see this time, when our government becomes the “enemy within” our founders spoke of in writing the 2nd Amendment, and it breaks my heart to watch it. It’s time for a second Revolution, either by ballot, or bullet.

Ivan Berry
7 years ago
Reply to  Douglas Sander

The choice gets worser and worser. I hope enough wake up that the “ballot” prevails. Well spoken, Douglas.

7 years ago

Multiple issues facing Americans this election cycle. The two biggest are the economy which includes many facets i. e. Jobs, tax reform, cutting spending, healthcare etc., and illegal immigration which affects National Security, the economy, our culture and moral.

Both issues are crucial to fix first. The reason the insurgent candidates are doing so well is Americans do not believe the politicians from either side. They think they are liars and corrupt…and they are right. Americans are now willing to accept the fact that politics as usual will not fix us. If Trump or Carson or Fiorina or even Cruz win, America wins and that’s something intelligent voters will support.

Roy Freeman
7 years ago
Reply to  Bill

The only problem with that bill, is except for Trump, the others are either politicians or are connected to several politicians. They have all been talking a good line, but show me where any of them have pushed
to get anyone impeached.

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