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AMAC Supports Bill Prohibiting Federal Vaccine Mandate


This legislation recognizes that vaccine mandates are not contemplated by the Constitution at all and goes on to firmly condemn the flawed ethics of executive branch leadership to use force and coercion, threatening the loss of employment and benefits, against those who choose not to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.


December 9, 2022

The Honorable Louie Gohmert
1st Congressional District of Texas
2269 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Gohmert,
On behalf of the 2.2 million members of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, including over 7,700 members residing in TX-01, I write to convey our support for H.R. 5092, a bill to protect our lives and liberties from the immoral and unethical federal Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Healthcare decisions are deeply personal and must be made with due care after considering all the factors that may affect a person’s wellbeing. A person of sound mind in these United States, a nation that recognizes that we have the God given right to life and liberty, has by extension the prerogative to consult professional medical advice, examine their own conscience, and choose whether a vaccination, or any other medical procedure is right for them. Executive Orders and agency level mandates do in no way supersede this individual right, especially when this choice is between a person’s strongly held religious belief, their medical wellbeing, and keeping their job; and especially when the medical profession (in the case of Covid-19 vaccine options) has no consensus on the safety and efficacy of the experimental
treatments available to our citizenry. In addition, the federal government has sustained a profound loss of talent and human capital because federal employees have chosen to leave, were removed from federal service, or have sustained a critical health related injury because of the unconstitutional imposition of vaccine mandates.

Even more, the Executive Branch, via a letter titled “Federal Law Protections for Religious Liberty” has affirmed the presence of the protections of our First Amendment right to freedom of religious expression and that these rights are not rescinded for federal employees because they serve the government. For those to whom it applies, their choice to refuse a Covid-19 vaccination on religious grounds is a protected choice under our Constitution.

Your bill presents sixteen cogent points, points that AMAC finds valid and relevant, against the imposition of federal level vaccine mandates by the President or any other federal agency. The legislation recognizes that vaccine mandates are not contemplated by the Constitution at all and goes on to firmly condemn the flawed ethics of executive branch leadership to use force and coercion, threatening the loss of employment and benefits, against those who choose not to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

AMAC thanks you, Representative Gohmert, for your vision and strong leadership in introducing this important legislation to protect all Americans from executive branch overreach and future violations of our Constitution.


Bob Carlstrom
AMAC Action

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5 months ago

Thank you for advocating freedom

5 months ago

Sadly, this is needed. But let’s not stop at Covid 19. The mandates set a dangerous precedent that needs to be dealt with.

5 months ago

I will NEVER get that poison crap put in my body. I already caught covid from my friend that had 2 shots and 2 boosters already. And my other friend who also had 2 shots and one booster caught it same time I did and she was so sick she couldn’t get out of bed for a week….I barely had any symptoms. Proves the shots are crap

5 months ago

Thank you for standing with the ones who have decided not to take these “vaccines”. The Holy Spirit laid on my heart early on not to take the vaccine. Non of my immediate family took the vaccine for their own reasons. Most of us have had Covid but we survived with what I believe was better immunity. My daughter is a Nurse Practitioner in New Hampshire and she was blessed to receive a religious exemption. Again thank you for standing with the Americans who want to be free from the government overreach.

Lawrence Greenberg
5 months ago

Let us start at the beginning. The toxic “medications” being injected into billions of people around the world are NOT “vaccines.” The word “vaccine” has been in our dictionaries since the late 18th Century, and the Covid garbage is not a “vaccine.” That is, it wasn’t until the dictionary makers, in September 2021, were paid off, coerced, or both into literally altering the definition of the word “vaccine” for the sole purpose of being able to call the Covid garbage “vaccines.” The Covid “medication” (and I use the term very loosely) is, in fact, experimental gene therapy.

The various Covid “vaccines” have never been approved by the FDA because they have never gone through the normal testing protocols, so they cannot be approved. And were they to actually go through the normal protocols, they would be rejected outright due to the enormous number of casualties and adverse reactions they are causing.

As for the “mandates,” they are a violation of both federal law (it is clearly stated in the FDA website that experimental medication may not be mandated) as well as international law (the Nuremberg Code). Every government official worldwide and every private company anywhere that “mandated” these “medications” should be charged accordingly and jailed and fined, not to mention held personally accountable for all casualties caused by these toxins.

It is time for everyone to wake up to the plain and simple fact that all of humanity has been lied to in what is the largest conspiracy in human history, and the greatest crime against humanity ever committed. If those responsible are not held accountable, then you can bet your last nickel they will do it again – and I am willing to bet the next time is already planned and in the works.

5 months ago

Your letter needs to be posted on Facebook, Twitter and where ever else for people to read the truth. One other thing about the “testing” of the “vaccine”…. the folks who ‘tested’ this crap were in China’s labs. Whats that tell you?

5 months ago

Population control via Obama/Biden regime!!! There’s a fiery furnace waiting for Obama/Biden and their cohorts in the next life!!!

Carl Stegmaier
5 months ago

We don’t need more legislation. We need more enforcement. Isn’t the Nuremberg Code still in effect around the world? Some so-called leaders need to face the music for their faulty thinking and insane ambitions so contrary to free people.

Ronnie Cota
5 months ago

my body , my choice! isn’t that what the baby killing libs say?! But I do not agree with abortion. These vaccines are deceiving and the govt is pushing them so that makes it even more suspicious. I will not take the communist vax. Thank you AMAC for everything and being a lot better than AARP

5 months ago

Yay!!! Go AMAC!!

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