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AMAC Supports H.R. 1473 Standard of Care Protection Act

by Andrew Mangione –

Fighting to keep America powerful in Washington, AMAC continues to stay up-to-date on important legislation passing through the chambers of Congress.  Today, AMAC is proud to announce its support for H.R. 1473, the “Standard of Care Protection Act.”  Introduced by Rep. Phil Gingrey, M.D. (R-GA), this bill ensures that medical malpractice lawsuits cannot be brought against health care providers based solely on the new standards and guidelines for care set forth by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), known more commonly as “ObamaCare.”  H.R. 1473 reinforces the belief that important health care decisions should continue to be made by patients and their doctors – free from the threat of invasive new legal repercussions.  AMAC firmly believes that the practice of medicine is not one-size-fits-all and that H.R. 1473 provides the legal protections physicians need in order to treat patients amidst the vast health care overhauls taking place in the coming months.  With a letter of support delivered to Rep. Gingrey’s office earlier this week, AMAC is pleased to give its stamp of approval to the Standard of Care Protection Act – a critical step in preserving the physician-patient relationship and protecting medical providers from the harmful impacts of ObamaCare.

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Lynn Terrell
9 years ago

Thanks for a well written letter supporting people as individual lives on this planet. Some of our chosen government leaders seem to think they own the world and they can globalize everything into a franchise of some sort. Each and every person is very different at the core and situations and environments are different creating a need for individualized health care of the individual life and our family thanks you for standing up for our rights. One size does not fit all and not all life forms function at the same molecular level!! Health Care is about caring for people’s health and one relationship at a time is the only way we can get results as we endeavor to understand the body mind soul communication through a person to a doctor and a doctor to a patient, etc. If the doctor forgets the body communicates he needs to go back to school. Science tells us that one single cell has the ability to communicate all by itself!! The patient can understand his or her own body mind and soul if they are in tune with it and doctors, etc…need to understand this when they endeavor to treat people as individuals and listen to what they have to say instead prescribing the one size fits all pill. When the body talks to the patient, you need to pay attention to greater knowledge than oneself. Thank God for knowledge above human memory and book knowledge. Thanks again AMAC!!
The Terrell Family

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