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AMAC Recognizes American Patriots


As the advocacy affiliate of AMAC, AMAC Action has personally experienced the non-stop barrage of radical legislative proposals, and subsequent vicious attacks on anyone who opposes them, coming from the Democrats since the inauguration of Joe Biden. We have seen commonsense counter proposals by those who oppose the socialist agenda advanced by extremist Democrats completely ignored and the vilification of those who proposed them.

We have witnessed bills rushed through committees with no debate, no oversight, and with text numbering in the multiple thousands of pages. In some cases, no evidence was put forth to justify the legislation. We have witnessed a sycophantic media marching in lock step with and doing the bidding of the Democrat Party. We, along with numerous other conservative organizations and individuals, have experienced censorship at the hands of Big Tech making it difficult to access constructive debate as well as the truth.

Therefore, AMAC leadership thought it appropriate to recognize those Members of Congress who have consistently stood tall for the AMAC membership and express our gratitude by presenting them with the American PATRIOT Award. This award was conceived by our late founder, Dan Weber, to show some of our elected representatives that we appreciate their perseverance during these chaotic times and inspire them to keep fighting on our behalf.

AMAC held our award event on November 2, 2021, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. with Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Weber hosting the all-day ceremony and personally presenting Members of Congress with the American PATRIOT Award. She presented 58 Representatives and Senators with a beautiful cherry wood plaque recognizing them for their commitment to the American values of faith, family, and freedom.

The recipients told us of their humility to receive our award, thanked AMAC for the work we have done in advancing the interests of our members, and pledged their future support for AMAC’s mission.

Here are photos of several honorees with AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber:

Representative Debbie Lesko (AZ-08)
Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn
Representative Byron Donalds (FL-19)
Representative Chip Roy (TX-21)
Representative and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (LA-01)
Representative Beth Van Duyne (TX-24)
Montana Senator Steve Daines
Representative Bruce Westerman (AR-04)
Representative Billy Long (MO-07)
Indiana Senator Mike Braun speaking at AMAC’s American PATRIOT Awards

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1 year ago

So great to read a positive news story about people of integrity in government doing something “for the people” who elected them. Thanks & kudos to the staff of AMAC giving these awards on our behalf. I am so grateful for all of those still fighting the good fight. I hope they heard how thankful we are…our voices get drowned in the evil, loud, self-serving main stream media’s lies & negativity.

1 year ago

Majory Taylor Green is a true patriot , she finally got in that prison where our patriots are being held ( she been trying along time ) ! She was horrified at what her and Louis Gosht saw ! Now the patriots are being transferred to Another prison ! They should all be set free and paid by the Obama / Biden evil regime for what is being done to them ! This is totally sick ! But thank God for Marjorie Taylor Green that girl is a true fighter ! Wouldn’t mind if she was the first female President !

1 year ago

Thank you to these true patriots trying to save us from this utter wickedness in the WH(Obama/Biden/Harris/Schumer/Pelosi)!!!

1 year ago

How can we help them .What happened to Government of the People by the People for the people.

1 year ago

REMEMBER and help the January 6th Patriots! Still in awful jail conditions being held without due process! They were only exercising their Constitutional rights by protesting the unlawful stolen fraud election.

1 year ago
Reply to  Duane

Im shocked ppl being held and imprisoned without trial yet those who are holding these ppls let others go who looted burned cities stores murdering police officers and these werent even arrested. Where is justice in Democratic party where is law and order in Democratic party. Why werent the ppls who opened the doors to the White House ever arrested?? To us tbere isnt a White House in Washington any more Its now dirty corrupt Brown. I with other Ameticans are ashamed of these so called politicians. We want these traitors recalled . Bring back Law and pure justice to America again . We want true Americans in Washinton not socialists. We want the ppls of American running our country again not Evil corrupt socialist crimminals politicians!!!

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