AMAC Online Healthcare Reform Workshop Update

We asked and AMAC members have responded!

The response to AMAC’s call for Healthcare Reform Workshop participants has been outstanding! Our participants include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, lawyers, educators and other healthcare practitioners. Others include insurance professionals, small business owners, financial professionals and consumers making this truly an experts forum. We will formulate AMAC’s plan for healthcare reform based on the input from these workshops. The schedule for these online workshops is currently being organized and will be announced in the near future.

If you have experience in any part of our health care system and would like to volunteer to be part of our effort to reform health care please click  here:

AMAC Members: Informed. Engaged. Educated.


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patricia Barrett
10 years ago

One of the thing I don’t like about the medical system we have now is that I am constantly seeing DOCTORS (there is one for every part of me) when I am well, but when I am sick they they don’t want to see me, but tell me to go to the emergency room, where I spend the day having all sorts of tests taken, and not that much done to cure my ailment.

10 years ago

Well under ObamaCare, just making an appointment to see a doctor will go from a few days to weeks or even months. As doctors are asked to see more patients and accept even less compensation, the number of doctors opting to simply drop out of the profession will increase. The hospital emergency rooms will become swamped with people and as a result, you may find yourself camping out in these emergency rooms as the staff tries to cope with the deluge. Welcome to European-style medical care.

10 years ago

I agree, last week I had to call 14 doctors to just get a required company physical.

Last year Iset in the emergency room with chest pains for half a day.
Then admitted.
I was told I could not use my plavix at $48.00 for a month supply, that I had with me.
I was required to use the hospital plavix at $60.00 for ONE pill.

There must be a cap on hospital pill costs no more than a 15-20 % markup over what we pay at the drugstore.

Doctors want a cap on malpractice lawsuits; fine; lets also put a cap on the price of surgery.
instead of $700,000 for kidney transplant, lets say $30,000.
Broken arm instead of $2000-$3000 maybe $75.00
Fair is fair.

PS I read the obama don’t care health plan.

Annie Wheeler
10 years ago

I favor enactment of a law authorizing Health Savings accounts in all states. As a result the person seeking health care services or prescriptions has a monetary incentive to comparison shop for medical services. Too many people if ‘free’ services are available will seek care for a ‘hang nail’ .

I really fear Obama care will result in rationing of medical services and persons without any medical training will make decisions for each of us. If one approves of the way the Post Office is run just apply this to what could happen to the best medical system in the world.

Peg Ong
10 years ago

As a retired home health R.N., I feel that there should be more of a push to locate AND punish Medicare/Medicaid fraud & unnecessary testing especially rampant here in the Rio Grande Valley (south TX). Tighter controls obviously would mean more paperwork but would be one way to cut back some spending.

Roy Ferree
10 years ago

I think that costs of medical treatment must be controlled, and the incestuous relationship between medical professionals and drug and appliance companies must be controlled. While malpractice lawsuits must be reeled in, licensing boards should be populated by physicians (medical boards) and lawyers (ethics and licensing boards) who really deal harshly with the incompetent and unethical in the practices. Physicians (too few in number), lawyers (too many) and govermentally appointed ruling boards are our problem.

10 years ago

I agree with that 100%

John Higgins
10 years ago

Imagime this – someone is actually asking people who have the answers- to solve the problems!
Way to go!!!

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