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AMAC Members at CPAC – Powerful Presence


Wow – The 2022 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) just concluded, and AMAC was everywhere! Over the week’s events, AMAC hit home run after home run. As the fastest-growing conservative organization in the country, AMAC members and leadership took the place by storm.

Speakers ranged from notable governors, senators, and congressmen to leading conservative writers, thinkers, and television personalities. From the opening session to Reagan Dinner, from national press to President Trump’s address, the power of positive energy was on display.

AMAC’s role was layered and effective, team building and principle defending. Within the AMAC studio, manned by CEO Rebecca Weber herself, along with a robust supporting cast of technical and policy experts, the mics were never without luminaries behind them.

Leaders from the Heritage Foundation to the medical community, national security institutions to constitutional, religious, political, and electoral venues all poured out and lined up to be on the live podcast. Clear to everyone present was a newfound sense of the possible, fresh energy.

Reality is sometimes odd, but there it is. Even as Russia was invading Ukraine, as President Biden sought to put a political activist on the Supreme Court, the spirit of America shone at this CPAC event. Every interviewee seemed to know the stakes and understand that we are entrusted to protect the nation.

During this entire process, AMAC 2022 Annual Reports and newly minted AMAC Magazines steadily disappeared from tables, were replaced and replaced again – as the message of hope embodied in AMAC’s action and communication, willingness to fight, and delivery of effective outcomes was heard.

Beyond this, AMAC leaders were constantly being called away to give interviews on the organization, priorities, policy, and process imperatives, talking with networks, leading conservative voices, like Todd Starnes, Frank Gaffney, Matt and Mercedes Schlapp, Sara Carter, and political leaders. 

In the background, television and radio networks continued to interview AMAC policy experts, seeking advice, insight, analysis, and policy guidance. The AMAC spokesman ended up doing dozens of interviews during the week, including three on Fox & Friends, one on Fox Business, countless others.

The impact that AMAC has made on state legislatures, on other policy and veteran and benefit and think-tank groups was constantly being brought up by luminaries interviewed by AMAC, and the bright light cast by AMAC members’ activism, caring, patriotism, and can-do approach to problem-solving was everywhere on display.

Finally, the CPAC event itself was marked – even in a time when our principles are challenged, our understanding of history, common sense, constitutional rights put in question, and government blundering forward – by hope.

The word of the hour, truly, was hope. The big takeaway for this participation was that the conservative movement is in go-go, grow-grow, and “keep bringing more into the fold” mode. Young and old, from near and far, with a range of views but as determined to defend free speech, worship, self-defense, free markets, freedom at large at Ronald Reagan himself, this group of attendees seemed enlivened.

We live in a time of doubt and cynicism, worry and manufactured hysteria, misinformation, untruth, and a leftist push toward concentration of power. We live in a time of international and domestic challenges. 

But from this CPAC event and from the powerful AMAC performance and reception at this event, the truth is not hard to find. It is this: When Americans rise to care about this great country, when we speak candidly, dare to be counted, commit to the future, and to preserving the best of our past, good things happen. 

AMAC members are making things happen every day, bettering our nation. Those accomplishments, member engagement, and active caring was celebrated at CPAC. AMAC members are making a difference, and that difference is being noticed. As the year accelerates, AMAC will be one of the warhorses, workhorses, and sources of real hope ahead.

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Sheryle Gasparini
11 months ago

This news update presented by AMAC was welcomed. I am thrilled I joined AMAC and receive their magazine. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO TO KEEP US INFORMED !

1 year ago

Just imagine how popular you will be when you wake up!

1 year ago

Trump won the straw vote at CPAC, but I surely hope he decides not to run. Governor DeSantis will produce the same good results without all the drama, and if Trump is elected, it will just be another go-round of Democrat hate filled attacks.
I for one, don’t want to repeat that.

Martin Plecki
1 year ago
Reply to  susabella

Susabella, Your comment has some merit, but I would offer this. Pres Trump is the one who raises the money, energizes the citizenry and has the vision. He is not a career politician, so he is really the closest candidate to the kind of citizen statesmen who founded this country. If Republicans win a majority in the House and Senate in 2022 and they start arresting, prosecuting, convicting and jailing guilty Democrats. And if they can get the word out regarding all the things Trump did right against insufferable opposition, this country will be on a good path to elect the person who should President right now:-)

1 year ago
Reply to  Martin Plecki

Very good points. I think the outcome of Fall elections will determine who the Republicans should run. Republicans must have good strong candidates for the Fall elections and keep pounding away on Biden’s failures to this country and it’s citizens.

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