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AMAC: Why is the Justice Department Dead Set Against Exposing Voter Fraud?

We need voter ID laws to ensure legitimate ballots are not offset by illegal voters –

BOHEMIA, NY, Jul 6 – “It’s just plain common sense.  If you have to show a photo ID to enter an office building, you certainly should have to show some proof of who you are when you vote,” said Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

The AMAC chief cited a recent poll of more than 16,000 members and visitors to the association’s Web site in which there was almost unanimous agreement that States should be allowed to require a photo ID at the polls.  “The margin in favor of an identification document was overwhelming with 99.4% of respondents opting for photo IDs and against the Justice Department suit to bar them,” Weber explained.

“I’d like to know what is so wrong with laws to ensure only legally entitled voters get to cast ballots on Election Day, particularly this year when the presidency is at stake.  The Justice Department seems to be going out of its way to facilitate voter fraud by challenging states that dare to pass such laws.  It is suing South Carolina, Texas and Florida, three states that have passed ID laws, in an effort to overturn their statutes before November,” Weber pointed out.

Opponents of voter ID laws readily admit that voter fraud exists, but say the numbers of illegally cast ballots are too small to be of any significance.  But consider the fact that many elections these days are decided by a handful of ballots, he pointed out.

“For example, it was discovered too late after the 2008 Minnesota election that 341 felons, ineligible to vote, cast ballots in the race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken who won his Senate seat by 312 votes.  In Missouri, two years back, a primary race between two Democrats vying for a seat in the State legislature ended with the victor winning by a single vote.  It turned out that 50 illegal votes were cast for him by Somalis living in Kansas City.”

Weber said that no matter “how big or how little the problem may be, it still impacts our lives and, thus, safeguards need to be in place.  Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, you should be willing to go to extremes to make sure your vote is not offset by illegal balloting.  You should, at least, demand a simple ID check.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Please contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected] to set up a chat.


ABOUT AMAC – The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those traditional organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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Dennis Jensen
10 years ago

I have one question, if you are not registered in your voting district how can you vote? If you are registered shouldn’t you be able to show you are that person or have a registered person verify you are the same?
I think every state should set up a agency just for this election, it should have people available to go to homeless shelters, food stamp locations, unemployment offices, free food distribution locations, resting homes, senior centers, etc., to register people who want to vote, they just have to be registered somewhere, or be able to prove who they are, with that, they get a state ID, good to be able to vote.
If they can’t prove who they are, they shouldn’t be voting anyway. The idea that people don’t have any records that show who they are, is ridiculous, for example when it came to the DREAM ACT all of a sudden, tens, hundreds of thousands were able to come up with records?

10 years ago

I have to show my identification numerous times in an airport when traveling. In the scheme of things, I consider my right and privilege to vote right up there with traveling by airplane, or driving a car (which requires a drivers license), etc.

I support the requirement that those who vote have valid and current IDs to prove their right to vote.

In this coming election, let’s see if we can find some people who will represent AMERICA, all of us and who can make the decisions that are in the best interest of the country.

Petra A.
10 years ago

The main thing we all need to remember is that we HAVE to vote all the incumbents OUT of office in November. Too long have they ignored We the people.

Lita Z. Biejo
10 years ago

To vote is the most important right we have as a citizen. It is therefore important to safeguard that right only for the citizen and to ensure that, is to prove that they are that individual person voting by showing their picture ID properly obtained like a driver’s license. It is so sad that there are few who are so corrupt to fight for this important qualification in order to be able to vote.

10 years ago

Career pollitians in Washington, of both parties, will do everything in their power to keep American politics corrupt. That means accepting fraudulent votes. We can change all that in November by cleaning our political house. One good way is to fire every elected official low enough to accept a paycheck for doing nothing for the past three and a half years. That would leave only Rubio, West, and the rest of the freshmen and a very few of the oldtimers. The rest we can send packing and good ridance. Obama, reid, palosi, and the rest of the communists on the hill can all be deported to Russia and America can get on with the business of healing and repairing herself.

Linda White, Virginia Beach
10 years ago

Of course there should be voter ID required. What kind of an attorney general would oppose t hat…oh yeah, let me think, Eric Holder, the worst thing for this nation next to Obama. vote then out!

Dale Wilson
10 years ago

I have lived in Hawaii for the past 13 years and every time I’ve gone to my polling place, I’ve been required to produce a photo ID–and this state is a bastion of the Democratic Party and President Obama’s birthplace. . . .

10 years ago
Reply to  Dale Wilson

Hawaii is not the birth place of Obama. What he showed us on the TV is a a forgery.
He was born in Kenya was adopted by a British Subject in Indonesia, then came to his grandparents in Hawaii as a British Subject. He probably registered to Occidental University as well as Harvard and Columbia as a FOREIGN STUDENT, but all those papers are under lock and key

Gregory Zimmerman
10 years ago
Reply to  Paul

I concur with you Paul.

Ed R.
10 years ago

I just bought a can of WD-40 at Lowes. I am 60 years old, and I was asked to produce ID to complete the purchase. (paid in cash). This administration is the biggest disgrace in the history of our Nation.

10 years ago
Reply to  Ed R.

Congressman/Colonel Allen West is right. Obama wants us to be his slaves

10 years ago

Obviously, if we allow these administration prevail what they want to do, we will lose our liberty and freedom.It is very clear that they are fiercely defending the criminals, voters fraud, voters intimidation, sued their own countrymen like Arizona and Alabama in protecting our borders. They don’t care if they spent trillion dollars of our tax dollars, , we have a whooping 16 trillion dollars debt and a1.6 trillion dollars deficit and rising. Attention fellow senior citizens, once these Obama health care takes effects!, our health care will be rationed, will be controlled by the government, they will determine whether you need care or you are too old and sickly to get medical care. Democrat, Republican, independent, black, white, yellow or brown, all of us Senior citizens will suffer. The 500 billion dollars cut on Medicare is not fair. There are more than 47 million senior citizens today. We shall unite and vote, let them hear us. Adios.

10 years ago
Reply to  Isirio

I have already been told that I was too old and weighed too much to have anything done to my knee.

Howard Wolf
10 years ago

There is no reason to not have voter ID unless one is contemplating to do voter fraud. This president and attorney general have demonstrated a contempt for law and the legal process that, to use Eric Holder’s word, is breathtaking.

bill melby
10 years ago

Recent primary in Helena Mt. My wife and I had to show out ID’s to vote. I asked if Eric Holder knew about this requiring ID’s to vote. I got a pained, yes he knows from a (possibly?), left leaning poll watcher .And how can a homless person who has no permenent address vote in a local election? There is lack of pragmatic thinking in this country.

10 years ago
Reply to  bill melby

And why should a homeless person with no permanent address not be able to vote? Is not that person even more affected by a failed government than you are? Maybe it should only be the landed gentry? Maybe you seek a return to feudalism?

10 years ago
Reply to  CallItAsISeeIt

Anyone, even the homeless can have an address. I know of a number of people who use their Church as their address. Here in Calcifornia one can obtain an ID card without it being sent to their “home address”. Also, people who are not citizens can obtain photo ID’s. Does this mean that they can also vote?
I have been a Polling Place clerk once and a supervisor twice. I am convinced that anyone can fullfill a false registration as well as a false ID card.
What concerns me more is that I had to put out voting pamphlets in over 20 languages. It is hard for me to believe that most people in this Country who are not either English or Spanish speaking can gather enough information to place an informed vote.

10 years ago

Stated very simply, the Justice Department is controlled by the Democratic Party and they (Democratic Party) are not interested in truth or anything that has to do with integrity..

10 years ago
Reply to  Anne

Agreed….. what are they scared for., they are scared to do the right thing!. Tell the Democrats to support the voters ID.

Bob Russ
10 years ago

The Democrat party will never allow voter I.D. because that is how they basically steal elections. Their constiuants are made up of Acorn members, illegals and dead people and our wonderful media [CBS-NBC- ABC-CNN-MSNBC] cronies never even mention anything about this crime!

10 years ago
Reply to  Bob Russ

If no one mentions “this crime,” then why is it we all hear so much about it? How many legitimate voters do you wish to disenfranchise to prevent a hypothetical ineligible voter from voting? Obviously, you think an Acorn worker (there aren’t any any more) ought not be able to vote. Perhaps all you really want is to keep anyone who disagrees with you from voting. Am I right?

David Shuck
10 years ago

Fraud has become a way of life in America. If you can’t have things legally, well, hey, do it illegally. I cannot understand the thinking of people like our esteemed Attorney General. Here he is, the one man in our country charged with upholding the rule of law, for the entire country, fighting against a law which would ensure that the folks put into public office in this land, are put there legally. There an be only one reason w hy he would fight against such a law. He knows full well that his party uses voter fraud to win elections. We must stop this nonsense! All fair minded people must let our representatives and senators know that election reform is a top priority in this great nation to keep it great!

10 years ago
Reply to  David Shuck

He knows the problem isn’t voter fraud, but election fraud. Principally Republicans trying to keep Democrats away from the polls, then rigging the machines, stopping recounts, and judicially appointing presidents.

John Walsh
10 years ago

I’ve been showing ID at the polls for several years here in Connecticut. The first time I was in line with a neighbor, a Probate Judge. The monitor was a next-door neighbor of mine. We three had a laugh together but realized the seriousness of protecting the ballot. I have moved to a new town but expect to go through the same routine. It is no burden to me. Why is it such a burden for folks in other localities unless they are ready to vote fraudulently?

joe sr
10 years ago

democrats: they don’t prosecute voter fraud for 1 reason

that’s how they plan to win this election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 years ago
Reply to  joe sr

not just this election that’s how they win every election, joe was right back in the fifties but the democrats just laughed at him so the communist took over the democrat party and the few democrats left refuse to recognize that fact the ones that do have started calling themselves republicans that’s where we get the RINO’s

10 years ago

In the early days, only land owners had a vote. They were considered responsible citizens, and their input was valued, as the voice of reason. In today’s world we could modify that in a meaningful way. Only taxpayers with photo ID will have a vote, and no mail-in absentee ballots. I realize that would disenfranchise nearly half of the U.S. citizens and all of the illegals and the deceased, but it would go a long way toward correcting the downward spiral which has seized our country and our culture today. Those who are not contributing members of the society will not have any say in how the policies are decided, or how the public money is spent. Now is the time to take back our country from those who would be king.

10 years ago
Reply to  Chex

there is one small fallacy in your statement, i spent twenty-two years in the service of this country for which i receive a pension of less than fifteen hundred dollars per month plus s/s since my wife and i are both over sixty-five we get double deductions which means we don’t pay income tax that means you don’t think i should be able to vote

10 years ago
Reply to  alex

one modification to this i firmly believe in voter ID

Adora Sala
10 years ago
Reply to  Chex

How very true!

10 years ago

I have fought against voter fraud in California for the past three years. Photo ID to vote must be a national law. Elections in CA are full of fraud and our Secretary of State who’s in charge of elections statewide was put in the job by George Soros. Know what that means? Progressives calling themselves Dems win most elections. Check out to learn how they use our colleges and universities to steal our elections. We had 130% to 101% voter turnout here!

10 years ago

That is done SO that thousands and thousands of ACORN (or what ever their current name is) can vote for thousands and thousands of dead, illiterate, absentee people, sick etc .

Paul Nieland
10 years ago

Vote early, vote often. That’s the Chicago Plan. And don’t let death stand in your way.
Keep voting posthumously. AG Holder thinks that’s just fine.
When we see that our lax regulations are leading to voter fraud, we need to take action.
Why is the DOJ attacking those states that have addressed the issue? Better question;
Why is Eric Holder still in office? This nonsense has gone too far! We need to impeach
AG Holder and vote his boss into retirement.

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