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AMAC Foundation Partners with Florida Senior Medicare Patrol on Medicare Fraud

flagAs part of its 2015 seminar series on topics of interest to seniors, the AMAC Foundation is collaborating with Florida’s Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) to present a community outreach event designed to help “Stop Fraud in its Tracks.” The seminar is held in conjunction with SMP’s Health Care Fraud Prevention Program, a public service initiative to enlist seniors and other community members in detecting and preventing scams, improper payments, and other illegal practices that are fraudulently draining an estimated $65 billion each year from the funds available for their health care.

The AMAC Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused totally on the needs of America’s seniors, and is collaborating with Florida’s Senior Medicare Patrol to help spread the word about the dramatically high cost of Medicare fraud. The seminar will focus on protecting personal information, detecting errors occurring in the Medicare payment stream, and detecting scams and deceptive practices, and will explain the proper ways to report suspected health care fraud.

The one and a half hour program has been scheduled for Thursday, April 2 at the Sumter County Library at Pinellas Plaza in The Villages, and is open to the public. The program will begin at 10:00 am, and will be held in Room 102 at the library, 7375 Powell Road, Wildwood, FL 34785.

Join us for what promises to be a highly informative session aimed squarely at helping protect the health care benefits you’ve earned. It’s a big problem, one that the FBI has estimated plagues between 3% and 10% of all Medicare billings. We’re all in this together, so let’s join forces and fight the problem!

For more information on this and other upcoming seminars, contact:

AMAC Foundation

312 Teague Trail

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[email protected]

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Roy Hubbard
7 years ago

When medical facilities are found to be practicing fraud they lose their license and get fined a dollar amount that is petty cash compared to what they have stolen from the system.
They should be imprisoned and never see the light of day again.

Roy Hubbard
7 years ago

The problem or a large part of it, is that those found guilty of medicare or medicaid fraud get a slap on the wrist.
People who cheat their neighbors should suffer the consequences to an extent that it might perhaps stop others from doing the same thing.
Cheat on food stamps, medicare, medicaid, or any form 0f social welfare and you should go down hard. As it is now, not much happens other than a slap on the wrist, a punishment well worth the rewards potential.
Of course since it’s probably someone’s first cousin doing the dirty deed and a bleeding heart liberal judge doing the sentencing– what ever.

7 years ago

This is wonderful news. I hope you have an overflow crowd of seniors April 2 at the Sumter County Library.

Coaching seniors to protect their identity, understand their Medicare EOB’s to catch phony charges and avoiding scams is a praiseworthy endeavor.

AMAC is right, we are in this together helping to sustain Medicare and make it more efficient for senior healthcare users.

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