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AMAC Delegates Spring Into Action!


AMAC Delegates are already fanning out across America scheduling meetings and visiting their Congressional offices. Here are a just a few of the success stories we’ve received:

From Tom Jeffrey and Bob Bechtold, AMAC Delegates in MO-2:

“Bob Bechtold and I met with Jaci Winship, Field Representative for Congresswoman Ann Wagner, yesterday (5/15/13).
We told Jaci that AMAC had about 1600 members in the MO-2 District and gave her one of the pamphlets with member benefits explained, the enrollment form with Mr. Weber’s bio and the Social Security Worksheet. We told her the purpose of the meeting was to introduce ourselves and AMAC, give her and Ms. Wagner a brief overview of the SS proposal, and try to set up a meeting with the Congresswoman later. She seemed quite receptive and the conversation lasted about an hour – we had figured 15 minutes would do it.
Jaci said she was going to send in a membership application for herself and the office would buy a membership for another lady in the office who is just turning 50. She’s going to try to arrange a meeting for us with Ms. Wagner, probably the Memorial Day week. I told her we would probably have the scoring results for the SS proposal and our “official” delegate packet with some more details on the plan by then.
We rather doubt that we’ll be able to set up a Town Hall this summer. Ms. Wagner has a rather badly torn rotator cuff in her right shoulder and is planning surgery the start of the August recess. Her arm will be in a cast and sling for 3 weeks or so. We’ll revisit that when she regains health.
All in all, a very successful introduction.”


From Paul Westfield, AMAC Delegate in TN-08:

“Congressman Fincher,I am the new AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) delegate for TN-08. I would like to have the opportunity to meet with you when you are back home, perhaps Friday May 31. I will be out of town May 26-30. As the delegate for more than 1400 AMAC members in your district I would like to introduce you to our organization and philosophy. At some point it would be great to organize a town hall to help you connect with more of your constituents. Please let me know if either is possible. I look forward to hearing from you…”
…and here’s the response to Paul’s email:
Good afternoon, Mr. Westfield!
Thank you so much for requesting a meeting with Congressman Fincher. We will review your request for the days listed below and get back with you regarding a potential meeting. Please let me know if we can be of further assistance in the interim.
Janet Angus
Congressman Stephen Fincher (TN-08)


Pat Browne, AMAC Delegate in MI-04, has a meeting set for the end of May:

Hi Pat,I will be in the Cadillac District Office on Thursday, May 30th, if that date works for you. I am available in the morning or afternoon.

Sharon Wise
Director of Community Relations
U. S Representative Dave Camp MI-04


Rita Fullerton, AMAC Delegate for OH- 08, has a meeting with the office of Speaker of the House John Bohener:

“…I contacted Congressman Boehner’s office and scheduled a meeting with a member of his staff, Erin Clemons. The meeting is Tuesday, May 28 at 10 a. m…..She was very pleasant during our phone call and offered several possible dates for a meeting. When our conversation concluded, she said she was looking forward to our meeting. I briefly explained that I was an AMAC delegate and wanted to introduce our organization and cover issues that concerned our members so she would have an idea of the meeting’s purpose….”


David Kelley, AMAC Delegate for CO-06, has a meeting set with his Congressman in June:

“….My appointment to meet with Congressman Coffman is Saturday June 15 th at 10AM…..I believe I am see Coffman and not an aid.


Earliene Shipper, AMAC Delegate for NY-3, is meeting with two Congressmen:

“I have my appointment with Rep Carolyn McCarthy tomorrow 5/14 @ 10 AM. There will be 4 of us at the appointment with her deputy.
Next Thursday 5/23 @ 10 I have an appointment with Rep Peter Kings office. The appointment is with one of his aids….”


Joan Johnson, AMAC Delegate for AL-4, met with her Congressional office on May 16:

“…I scheduled a meeting with a staff member, Joe Morgan, in Rep. Aderholt’s district 4’s Gadsden, AL office for this Thurs., May 16th at 2PM…”


The Delegate Program is gaining momentum! Congressional offices across the country are hearing the collective voice of AMAC. Please keep the feedback flowing. If you have any questions or need any support, please contact Bill Eads at [email protected] or 888 262 2006, ext. 2016. Keep up the great work!

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