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AMAC Action’s Astounding Annual Report


AMAC Actions’ 2021 Annual Report is out – and what a report! Annual reports are not typically a “fast read,” seldom fascinating, if stuffed with facts. This year, AMAC Action’s Annual Report breaks the mold. It is uplifting and readable. Here is why: In an age of big talk, AMAC is moving mountains.

For countless reasons, Americans are fed up with government running and ruining their lives, lack of accountability, erosion of institutions, principles, respect for history, and even science. They are right. A “battle royale” rages for the future. Into this breach, has stepped AMAC.

So often, we hope on a cause, organization, vision, or people – only to be disappointed. We invest ourselves in a big idea, plan, or promise, hoping we can change things. The stunning part about AMAC – clear in this report – is that AMAC members ARE genuinely changing things.

Numbers tell the story. Here is an organization powered by a veritable army of like-minded, thoughtful, motivated people, active in every state, centered on seniors and the Nation.

Here, at last, is a group that does what it says it will do, works tirelessly to preserve and strengthen American culture, defend constitutional rights, assure the integrity of elections, reinforce parents, veterans, law enforcement, entrepreneurs, average and honorable citizens, and relentlessly speaking truth to power.

Here are 2.4 million Americans showing “how it is done,” how energized, civic-minded citizens can harness history’s lessons and democracy’s promise to make history, integrity in action.

Last year, capping fifteen years of growth, AMAC members methodically pressed to be heard, and were. Shoulder to the wheel, they moved things, even uphill – especially uphill.

In many ways, informing, mobilizing, coordinating, and deploying citizens to protect God-given rights should be easy. On the other hand, getting results can take leadership. AMAC offers that. 

AMAC’s members are truly the force. While they all garner individual benefits, advice, discounts, a deep reservoir of information on issues from Social Security to healthcare, there is more. Beyond a news-making magazine and website articles, AMAC members are involved.

In 2021, internal polling led AMAC to help turn the wheel on a range of national, state, and local issues, informing the public on policy from veterans’ benefits and election integrity to elder abuse and turning back Marxist “Critical Race Theory.”

On the federal level, AMAC Action was in motion, helping “defeat H.R. 1 / S. 1, the fraudulently titled ‘For the People Act,’ and H.R. 4, the ‘John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act,’” while supporting state initiatives to assure election integrity.

If there was a cornerstone issue last year, it might have been assuring efficacy, access, and integrity in our electoral system, since so much depends on that. AMAC members were active across state legislatures, at the federal, state, and local levels. Examples are highlighted but include seeking to lower prescription drug prices, make healthcare transparent, reduce red tape, and constantly “working with members of Congress,” on a wide range of legislation.

Daily, AMAC Action monitors and informs Congress. They met with more than 50 during the year, and AMAC members provided valuable input to regulators, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 

AMAC members weighed in with state legislators by the tens of thousands, helping to shape, scuttle, and support various initiatives good for seniors and our Nation. Beyond this, 37 thoughtful letters went to Congress, 16 to the States, 17 more energizing conservative groups.

AMAC Action Chapters grew to 82 from 53, holding 117 chapter meetings, recording attendance of some 5,100 AMAC members and friends. At the same time, the Delegate Program held 57 meetings with congressional offices, again helping turn wheels.  

In total, “348 (and growing) volunteer advocates” widened grassroots activities, and “over 320,000 AMAC Action advocates … participated in Congressional, state level, and regulatory Call-to-Action campaigns by contacting their representatives to express their views on issues like election integrity, budget bills, support for the Senate filibuster, healthcare, and Article V.”

On the Congressional front, beyond “calls to action” and meetings, AMAC leaders delivered AMAC’s PATRIOT Award to members of Congress, meeting with them with gratitude.

On national communications, AMAC also moved the wheel. “AMAC’s in-depth articles rang bells on multiple platforms, triggering constant interviews” for AMAC’s leadership “on top television and radio,” plus “retweets by leading public and private figures …national attention.”

“Radio interviews ranged from national to regional, Glenn Beck, Hugh Hewitt, Larry Elder, Neil Cavuto, Fox & Friends, Larry O’Connor, Alan Nathan, Mark Hahn, to Newsmax, Frank Gaffney, Robert Ehrlich, and a range of other outlets,” tallying 216. 

AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber “interviewed 19 Members of Congress and over 40 conservative thought leaders,” while AMAC writers published more than 300 articles on major policy issues – in-depth analyses often cited by leading conservatives and helping shape debates.

Taken together, AMAC Action’s 2021 Annual Report is a tour-de-force, a clear testament to the power of average Americans who care about this country, who become AMAC members, who act.

In a time of understandable cynicism, disappointment with government, and public fear of engagement, AMAC is the real thing, people who care about the future – and courage to act. Something stirs a heart reading this report and reaffirms that people who care can turn the wheel. So, turning into a new year, onward!

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6 months ago

Thank you for the invitation to participate. Together, we are powerful. basketball stars

1 year ago

Thoroughly enjoy AMAC articles and the insightful and honest commentary from members.
Although some opinions may not reflect every person’s point of view, the vast majority are well thought out, certainly Patriotic and supportive of this Great Country.
I do believe that AMAC works tirelessly to achieve common Conservative goals and is instrumental in moving our representatives toward a shared vision of American Greatness.
Thank You

Caroline Woodis
1 year ago

Thanks for the encouragement to become involved. United we are strong.

1 year ago

Thanks for reminding us we are not standing alone

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