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AMAC Action Statement on the Senate’s Failure to Advance the “Freedom to Vote Act”

AMAC Action celebrates the failure of S. 2747, the so-called “Freedom to Vote Act.” Unlike its name, this bill would have destroyed the sovereignty of state election administration and install the federal government as the ultimate election arbiter. The federal government would have superseded state voter ID laws, efforts for states to clean up their voter rolls, and other election integrity laws.

First Amendment rights of free speech for Americans also would have been decimated under this bill and discussions regarding policy would have been subject to so much regulation that it would silence most legislative advocacy done by nonprofit organizations. Furthermore, the bill would have subjected everyday Americans to potential harassment because of their beliefs.

AMAC Action has been very active in working to get election integrity measures passed in states across America and at the federal level. AMAC members helped to get election reform bills passed and signed into law in Arizona, Kentucky, and Texas and bills passed in the state legislatures in Michigan and Pennsylvania. AMAC members also sent over 416,000 messages to Congress telling them to oppose the federal takeover of elections.

AMAC President Bob Carlstrom said, “While the failure of S. 2747 is certainly great news for the security of our elections, the fight for election integrity is far from over, and AMAC Action remains steadfast in our commitment to ensure legislation is passed that makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat.”

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Jim Yowell
9 months ago

Liberal Ideology ExplainsEverything They Say

Carol JJ
9 months ago

Thank you for keeping us informed and fighting for America and individual rights.

Craig Bergman
9 months ago

We have to continue to keep a very close eye on these criminals.

9 months ago

I believe this bill will continually be reintroduced, or in typical congressional sleight of hand fashion, just added in the wee hours of Christmas session. However, ID is not the biggest problem. The Dominion machine pro-democrat algorithms will remain in place. We probably have not had an actual, legal election since the Communists elected Obama. If people actually believe that fixing ID problems will make the elections “real” they are deluding themselves. Until we return voting to paper ballots, counted with equal representation of both (all!) parties observing and guarding the precious ballots, there will never be a free America. There may be an overwhelming “red backlash” at upcoming elections, but it won’t ever win until digital balloting is eliminated in every polling place.

9 months ago
Reply to  GriffC

Right on! If we don’t secure future elections, we will soon be slaves to the Left forever. Get rid of the machines!!!

A. Grace
9 months ago

Thank you for helping us to retain our freedom.

Annette G.
9 months ago

Thank you so much for helping us to keep our freedoms.

Jeff T.
9 months ago

I offer my thanks and respect(!) WE THE PEOPLE will prevail.

9 months ago

Thanks for your help in defeating this misnamed bill!
I agree with Sharon below on her assessment of the federal government’s policies and decisions. They suck!

9 months ago

We need to shrink the federal government….a lot! There isn’t anything that the feds do well….not anything. The DOJ and FBI are useless tyrants that create their crimes. The Dept. of Education is a waste of tax payer money. I could go on and on. If we don’t fix this they are going to become dictators. The Constitution is violated daily with this fake administration. Trump won! I’ve seen the evidence!

Michael Kennedy
9 months ago

Love the title of the bill Freedom to Vote Act. The left likes to twist things and people fall for it. Democrats are the party of slavery and it shows. Nice work Amac keep it going.

Wayne Peterkin
9 months ago

The bill was worse than AMAC’s statement indicates although the statement was correct as far as it went. It would have permanently opened the door to more election fraud as seen in 2020. Any honest person can see that mail-in voting, vote harvesting, and a number of other provisions in that law cannot ever prevent illegal votes from being cast and they were not intended to do so. They encourage fraud instead. The Democrats fight every attempt to insure honest elections because they favor dishonesty. I have argued for years that no democracy can survive if election results cannot be seen as honest by the voters and our elections have been growing more dishonest for years. 2020 was the worst in my 78 years,and that trend must be reversed, not legalized. The Democrats are determined to legalize fraud and its their main hope for the 2022 midterms. .

9 months ago

The name of biIIs proposed by IiberaIs is ALWAYS the exact opposite of what the real intent of the biII is.

9 months ago
Reply to  Boz

Boz, that’s because in Communism, you ALWAYS ACCUSE your opponent of exactly what you, yourself, are guilty of!

9 months ago

AMAC this is great but what can be done to stop the Zuckerberg’s from buying our elections by donating large sums of money to groups to throw election outcomes to what they want the outcomes to be?

9 months ago
Reply to  Mark

I think it is up to each state to strengthen voting laws and pass heavy penalties for violating those laws. It has to be done by each individual state.

John Samples
9 months ago
Reply to  Mary

Most states should criminalize violations of their election laws with stiff penalties instead of wrist slaps.

9 months ago
Reply to  John Samples

And in the State I live in, Oregon, that is pretty much impossible. It’s like when laws in this state were passed protecting degenerates already here, other degenerates from across the country came in through the flood gates. So that now our entire state government is filled with degenerates, from the governors paid snitches all the way up to the circuit courts. The 9th ‘Circus’ Court Of Appeals, as Lars Larsen likes to call them, have always turned a blind eye towards righteous judgment. Even blocking or denying appeals which claim evidence to prove their side. So with Marxist states, this is the biggest and most dangerous problem. In my eyes they are absolute criminals getting away with their crimes. Makes me sick!

9 months ago
Reply to  Judy

It’s the same here in Washington.

9 months ago
Reply to  Mary

Unfortunately, not every state has a Ron DeSantis for Governor, or Zuckerbucks wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans. No doubt the ‘blue state gubmints’ welcomed his ‘interference’…

Peter Piccone
9 months ago
Reply to  Mark

Dumping the Democratic majority is the only solution. After that we need the Presidency to reform and repeal nationally enacted bad law.

Burt Fairchild
9 months ago

Thanks AMAC Action! You are standing up for State sovereignty as our Forefathers envisioned..

9 months ago

The democrats have found a new way to cheat and steal elections anyway and it’s accomplished in plain sight don’t ever forget the stolen election of 2020 or the year America became a “banana” republic!

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