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AMAC Action Releases Action-Packed First Quarter Advocacy Report

Whew! The activity keeps rolling from 2021 into 2022 as AMAC members maintain their high level of engagement throughout the first quarter. AMAC members and friends participated in 23 call-to-action campaigns during the first quarter regarding federal and state-specific issues. These issues ranged from election integrity to saving the Senate filibuster to compelling Health and Human Services (HHS) to examine the business practices of group purchasing organizations (GPO).

AMAC members and friends sent 83,740 messages and comments to federal and state legislators, and HHS during the first quarter. They also responded to the call to become poll watchers and election workers in their respective election jurisdictions.

This rapid pace continues as the 2022 midterm elections draw closer. We anticipate a high level of Meet & Greet events hosted by AMAC Action advocates in addition to our usual vigilance to safeguard the interests of the membership as the year progresses.

Please click the link below to read the details of the action-packed first quarter of advocacy activity coordinated by your AMAC Action team.

2022 AMAC Action First Quarter Advocacy Report PDF

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10 months ago

I worked the Republican pole when a blessing occurred and Ralph Northam was replaced along with 2 others. Glenn youngkin, Sears were much better in va. God bless AMAC I also asked those who came by to buy AMAC while working to get GLen Youngkin and 2 others in va.

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