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jedediah on big governmentAre you surprised by Gallup’s recent findings on big government?

When asked to choose among big government, big labor and big business, Americans overwhelmingly name big government as the biggest threat to the country in the future. The 69% choosing big government is down slightly from a high of 72% in 2013, the last time Gallup asked the question, but is still one of the highest percentages choosing big government in Gallup’s 50-year trend.

Limited-government presidential candidates, make your case. When it comes to health care, education, taxes, privacy concerns, and so many issues, Americans are rejecting the concept of big government and seeking alternatives that empower individuals.

GOP machine, put the big-government Republicans aside. I’ve been saying for years that a big-government party already exists; there’s no need for two. Instead, embrace limited-government consistency across the board.

Hillary Clinton is not only a big-government candidate, but an incredibly flawed one. GOP, get on it.

Jedediah Bila is a Fox News host and commentator, author, columnist, and former professor and academic dean. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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Janet Massa
6 years ago

I have been watching the crowds cheering for Bernie Sanders, screaming almost orgasmically as he promises them free stuff. He says he is a “Democratic Socialist”, and I ask “what is that?” He wants a Central Government that gives to those who don’t have by punishing those who have with >90% tax rate. I see these cheering, screaming members of the “Gimme Generation” (that’s what I call the milenial generation members), lauding him because they are going to get free college, insurance and 15$ an hour minimum wage. Free stuff isn’t free. Someone pays for it. Sooner or later, he will run out of One Percenters to punish for succeeding, and guess what, he will come after the rest of us that get up every day and work our butts off to take care of ourselves. I have come to this conclusion: Bernie Sanders is a Marxist, not a “Democratic Socialist”. Any further left and he will be a Communist. Hillary Clinton is no better. She calls herself a Progressive. That is just a euphemism for Socialism. She believes that the Government knows better than us poor shlubs what we need. Sorry, but Progressives are Socialists Lite. They just don’t want that S word being linked to them. ObamaCare has been an abject failure in my opinion. Government needs to remove its fingers from some of the pies it has been playing in and let We the People take care of ourselves. There was no reason to force EVERYONE to get insurance if they were already covered sufficiently and happy with said coverage. The ONLY people that needed coverage were those with no insurance and the underinsured. Prices HAVE risen and care has decreased. Guess what? There are still people not covered- because they can’t afford the premiums or the astronomical deductibles. The government didn’t get it right, and we’re going to let Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton fiddle with it some more? Oh, Hell No! Our National Debt is now 19 Trillion dollars. How shameful is that to see how those we elected have mishandled our money and missed the trust we gave them when we pulled the lever in the voting booth! I am really hoping for Hillary to get indicted. And here’s a little shout out to Madeline Not Bright. Voting for someone just because she’s a woman and “we’re supposed to help her out or go to Hell” (paraphrased) is insane. How stupid is she to say something like that? This is my rant for the day.

Donald S Douglas
7 years ago

While big government is a problem, ( and has been for decades), APATHY and STUPIDITY on the part of the average citizen is the most destructive element plaguing our nation today.

7 years ago

That’s because the Dept. of Education, a subsidiary of Big Government, makes the school curriculum teach liberalism and other leftist propaganda in the public schools. They are teaching memorization of leftist ideals instead of critical thinking skills, which would put political correctness into the sewer where it belongs. The Dept of Ed should be eviscerated.

Steve W.
7 years ago
Reply to  Me

Or perhaps not yet. Nationwide, the schools of education which train college and graduate students to become teachers are virtually universally controlled by the so called “Progressive” educators who are insidious marxists. They have created a “Cult of Diversity” which has completely sought to undermine, marginalize and obviate the need for the formerly dominate american culture and values. They are anti free speech, anti competition, anti individualism and have rejected the concept of a “free market place (whether in economic terms or ideas). Perhaps, if the Department of Education is used in an equal but opposite manner by social conservatives the progressive educational monopoly can be rested away. The “Diversity” culture must be exposed for what it is a mechanism of social division and envy. How sweet it would be to hoist them on their own petard and use the hammer of big government in the form of the Department of Education to restore traditional curriculum’s and the unifying concept E. Pluribus Unam!. After that has been accomplished, then sunset the Department of Education.

7 years ago
Reply to  Steve W.

Sorry Steve, revenge won’t work either. The dept of Ed should be eviscerated, period.

Steve Miller
7 years ago
Reply to  Me

You hit the nail on the head We, for the last 40 years or more we have been teaching what to think not how to think.

7 years ago

Big government interference has now twice affected the national economy enough to costing me two profitable businesses, one that financially ruined me and the latest cost me a mildly comfortable income that would have probably lasted me while my health holds up. Now at 68, there are very few job options available to me. Thanks to Jimmy Carter and his stupid policies for changing me from being a Democrat to a Conservative Republican. … Obama has quickly replaced Carter as this country’s worst President in history!

Janet Massa
7 years ago

Our government is becoming too big, too bloated, too intrusive, and at the same time inefficient and ineffective. Someone needs to let the air out of the runaway dirigible that is our government and bring it back under the control of We The People.

6 years ago
Reply to  Janet Massa

Jedediah’s answer to Donald Douglas says it all. Some things cannot be saved and the bureaucracies in this country have become a power unto themselves. It probably wasn’t Jefferson who said, “That Government governs best which governs least” but that was right on too. Our government is not “BECOMING too big, to bloated, to intrusive…”etc. IT ALREADY IS. Perhaps what I have long called “The Greater Depression” will cut the income of the government so severely we can cut out some of the nonsense and corruption we have in all the agencies we have. I seem to remember that Jefferson did say that when our cities get as big as those in Europe then we will have the same problems they have. Sadly that has long been true. We have a national debt we can neither repay not inflate away and I see much chaos and despair in the future along with much more unemployment and I don’t know if WWIII or a world wide economic collapse will happen first. Believer’s of all persuasions need to pray to God for all who are running for President as one of them is likely to become president and we surely need to pray that God’s will be done as far as a new supreme court justice is concerned. We truly need another person who believes in the Constitution as Scalia did and not an additional agenda driven politician. Socialism has never worked anywhere and great debt is often the harbinger of future war. WWIII remains a possibility and it could be nuclear. What’s coming is not likely to be the end of the world but it will surely seem like it. I recall an old play from years ago, “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off”. Since we can’t we had better just do the best we can here. I just hope we haven’t reached a point where God is going to have to chastise us as He did His people in Ancient Israel when he allowed their country to be destroyed and they to become virtual slaves for a couple of generations in Babylon. Are we so stupid we have to go through something like that to get back on the right side of righteousness. I hope not but I wouldn’t bet against it. One things for sure it will not be dull.

6 years ago
Reply to  Richard

Some of this follows on from Richard’s thoughts. Few even think about the long term effects of either Sanders or Clinton. First, continued debt growth will eventually mean we cannot pay the debt interest resulting in bankruptcy, the dollar will no longer be the reserve currency meaning it will float downward in value. Resulting inflation will skyrocket as in many (most) third world countries. The poor will become destitute, the rich will no longer be able to afford to live here, there will become growing violent unrest. If the SCOTUS, as expected, becomes liberal, we will have no valid second amendment. Our military will become too small to respond and protect us and we will be targeted. The electrical grid will be essentially destroyed with great ease as will our early warning and global positioning satellites. There may be an FBM submarine left to strike back even though we are essentially reduced to an ineffective damaged entity. The continued change Obama promised will be essentially completed by Clinton. Is America doomed? Will militias arise?

Irvin Cutler
7 years ago

I agree 100%

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