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2016 Questions to Consider

JedediahSome interesting polling via Gallup worth thinking about as the next presidential election approaches:

The percentage of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who describe themselves as both social and economic conservatives has dropped to 42%, the lowest level Gallup has measured since 2005. The second-largest group of Republicans (24%) see themselves as moderate or liberal on both social and economic issues, while 20% of all Republicans are moderate or liberal on social issues but conservative on economic ones.

What does this mean for the kinds of GOP presidential candidates that would be successful?

Is the country less conservative or have conservative candidates failed to present their message convincingly?

Could the right conservative candidate, with good communication skills and a solid marketing strategy, still hit home with the American majority?

In light of this poll, how well would a libertarian candidate do?

Are the messages of freedom and personal responsibility no longer popular? Or do candidates simply not present those messages in a way that the public can get behind?

Let me know what you think. Tweet me @JedediahBila with your thoughts.

Jedediah Bila is a Fox News host and commentator, author, columnist, and former professor and academic dean. Follow Jedediah on Twitter @JedediahBila.

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7 years ago

Does anybody really listen. The governor from Ohio quietly says what he has already done and nobody seams to be able to contest or refute his testimony. Guess He’s just an also ran who hasn’t any P.T. Barnum tendencies huh. I know he probably doesn’t have chance because he isn’t rude or loud mouth but maybe HE’S JUST HONEST.

7 years ago

We are the people. We rule the land. Those we have put in Washington DC are to conduct their actions in accordance with the Constitution and the wishes of the people. I am so tired of being told lies and not being told information we have the right to know!

7 years ago

ALL Republican candidates are STUPID in my opinion. … I would hammer away on what EVERY Socialist/Democrat CAN’T DEFEND!!! … TODAYS Democratic Party CANNOT DEFEND their voting record! … Every local, state and national Republican candidate should be talking about Saul Alinsky and His “Rules for Radicals” strategy for converting America into becoming a “Socialist” country! … Point out who has been promoting Alinsky’s Socialist agenda and WHO is voting for this takeover. … Let Socialist Democrats HAVE TO DEFEND their Big Government Takover! … Educate people as to who Alinsky was and point out that both Obama AND Hillary were early disciples of Alinsky’s Socialist agenda. Explain how there IS NO MIDDLE CLASS IN SOCIALISM, people will either be rich or poor. … And rarely will/can the poor escape their situation status. … It will be an America ruled by a King (like Obama), surrounded by his nobles (the Congress) and the rich aristocratic landowners (Wall Street, corporate, and attorneys) all being “catered” to by everyone else (the poor). The only rights the poor will have is to SERVE their betters, the rich. … It needs to be pointed out that EVERY one of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals has already BEEN ACHIEVED and by who, except for banning the rights of citizens to own guns! … And we ALL KNOW which political party is trying to change that, and that NEEDS to be emphasized! … When, we the people, lose the right to bear arms we will NEVER be able to revolt to escape the yoke of poverty we will then be BORN INTO! … Socialism will then become one’s inheritance, an inheritance of poverty for the majority of people.

But, then again, I firmly believe MOST of Republican Leadership are REALLY closet Socialists anyway! … Otherwise, they would already be using my above strategy to Save America!!! … We cannot lose what we have already lost!

Who are our best candidates? … Dr. Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and possibly Scot Walker. … I, personally, do not trust ANYONE who went to law school (practioners of “reasonable doubt”) professional liars, each and everyone of them!

7 years ago

What is a conservative? At one time there was agreement on the meaning of conservatism with a healthy debate occurring on minor issues. William F. Buckley and his National Review defined the debate and held the movement together.

Unfortunately, that isn’t true anymore. What is most disturbing is the Libertarian Party. They despise – although they won’t say so publicly – the conservative movement as much as the progressives and hard left. If the Republican nominated a Ronald Reagan clone for 2016 they would not support him.

I, quite frankly, don’t give a damn about polls. I want a candidate who has firm beliefs and will stick with them no matter what the polls say. I’m glad Abraham Lincoln didn’t take a poll and decide that slavery is popular so I’m not going to run on that issue.


1. Being successful is standing on principal even if you lose the election.

2. The country is more liberal today because the younger generation has been brainwashed from the time they were infants and started watching liberal propaganda in cartoons. Leftists use every medium available to them ( TV, radio, music, the education system, etc.) to convert others to their world view. However, a conservative candidate can still win.

3.A Libertarian has no chance of winning. He/she will be successful with the under 30 age group because many of them are naive and immature. They grew up in a liberal culture that celebrates the hook up lifestyle, narcissism and many other vices.

The only thing the conservatives and the libertarians have in common is a belief that a big government will take away your freedom, your property, and your money. On social traditions and national defense they aren’t in the same ballpark. A couple of months ago I considered Rand Paul a candidate that might get my vote. The more he speaks the dumber he sounds. He’s been crossed off of my short list. Where are the speeches about eliminating the departments of energy, education, and transportation.? Where are the speeches about rolling back the welfare/entitlement state? In short, he isn’t going to tackle those issues because they aren’t popular. He would rather talk about silly things like making pot legal and other licentious topics.

Tommy Phillips
7 years ago

The focused work of a majority of the “LEFT” is removing GOD from our lives so morals and family values no longer matter. George H.W. Bush lost re-election because he stood on his GODLY values and would not drop Dan Quail. I don’t know if a man can overcome that. I pray GOD will raise up man that can. How many voters do you think will read this and not laugh it off or call it ignorant.

7 years ago

There may be a small amount of truth in this poll. I know I’ve “softened” in some of my social attitudes over the years but usually with conditions. Maybe a better word would be tolerance because I still struggle. The point is that there are probably others who find their attitudes have changed or softened on some issues also as they have aged.

However, that doesn’t mean we have changed in our beliefs about the direction this country needs to be headed. Definitely NOT the direction this President or the Democrats are taking it. Definitely NOT acceptance of ALL social issues to the extent Liberals want, which they are trying to shove down our throats right now. I don’t believe Conservatives have changed to the degree some people may think this poll indicates.

Scott Fowler
7 years ago

??? you can’t fix what you can’t pay back. I would hope restoring America back to the Great Nation it was would be the main goal. In order to do that everyone that currently holding a seat in the House and Senate needs to be fired……Next The President and all his cronies need to be courtmartialed and held for treason. Next our military needs to consist of registered Americans, not illegals. Finally the constitution needs to be the law no other and executive orders need to be dumped. This nation was not built on one persons agenda!!

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