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11 Ways It’s All Falling Apart for the Left

AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris

In recent weeks and months, a cascade of debunked media narratives, Republican electoral victories, and growing resentment over woke dogma have created serious vulnerabilities in the left’s political and cultural armor. As the liberal worldview begins to collapse, the once powerful institutions the left controls have now become distrusted and mocked by the public, suggesting that their grip on American society may be more tenuous than people think.

  1. The January 6 “Insurrection” Narrative Falls Apart

For the better part of two years, Democrats used their control of Congress to construct the narrative that the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, was a Republican-aided “insurrection” that nearly toppled the U.S. government. They then attempted to use a series of highly politicized hearings and sensationalist media coverage to damage Republicans politically.

Polling data from July 2022 showed that the hearings had no impact on public opinion. Moreover, Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s release of the full January 6 surveillance tapes to Fox News host Tucker Carlson has revealed that the Democrat-dominated “January 6 Committee” cherry-picked footage and deliberately suppressed facts about the riot in order to push their desired narrative.

2. The “Russia Collusion” Hoax Has Been Completely Debunked

“Russiagate,” the story that dominated mainstream media coverage for nearly three years of Trump’s presidency, has begun to be exposed even in liberal news sources as a fabrication. A report earlier this year from the Columbia Journalism Review revealed that mainstream outlets like the New York Times knowingly abandoned all journalistic standards and distorted the facts when it came to the story in order to damage Trump politically.

This repeated violation of public trust by mainstream outlets has further tarnished their credibility and undermined the left’s capacity to promulgate their desired narratives.

3. Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Continues to Grow

Ahead of the 2020 election, nearly every major news outlet claimed unequivocally and without evidence that the infamous Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation.”

Just over two years later, all of them have been forced to admit that the laptop is indeed real as the FBI continues its investigation into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings. On Tuesday, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer announced that the Treasury Department was giving the committee access to suspicious activity reports related to Hunter Biden and the Biden family’s foreign business deals. The incident is another major embarrassment and blow to the credibility of the mainstream press and the Democrat Party.

4. Republicans Vindicated on “Lab Leak” Theory

The Wall Street Journal’s bombshell report last month further confirmed that the theory that COVID-19 escaped from a Chinese lab was not only possible, but likely. After mainstream media pundits, Democrat politicians, and even former top NIH officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci derided the idea as “racist” and a “conspiracy theory” when Republicans – most notably former President Donald Trump – suggested it in 2020, they have all now been forced to backtrack.

The saga has dealt another blow to the credibility of the left’s “expert class” and undermined the left’s ability to use appeals to authority to manipulate the public.

5. “The Twitter Files” Exposes Government-Big Tech Censorship Operations

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and subsequent release of company emails and communications to a few journalists has finally confirmed what conservatives long suspected: a revolving door between government agencies and Big Tech and the dominance of activist-minded liberals in senior positions means that social media sites have for years engaged in systematic efforts to silence and censor conservative voices.

More than that, platforms like Twitter have deliberately smothered debate on important issues like the efficacy of COVID-19 lockdowns and the dangers of hormone therapy for minors.

After years of liberals downplaying and dismissing concerns over Big Tech censorship, conservatives have once again been vindicated.

6. Nobody Is Watching CNN and MSNBC Is No Winner Either

Ratings for CNN and MSNBC, the left’s most important mouthpieces on cable television, have declined precipitously in recent years, pointing to the fact that people simply don’t trust these outlets as they once did to provide anything close to honest coverage. Without the illusion of objectivity, the left’s control of news coverage is in serious jeopardy, threatening their ability to determine what information Americans do and don’t see.

7. Biden Has Utterly Failed to Deal with Multiple Crises

In just the past few weeks, President Biden has repeatedly proven that he is incapable of dealing with a crisis. First, he looked completely inept as a Chinese spy balloon lumbered across the entire country. Then, when a train carrying toxic chemicals crashed in an Ohio town, Biden failed to respond at all, instead traveling halfway around the world to Ukraine.

With Biden looking either incompetent, uncaring, or both, his approval ratings are dismal for an incumbent president.

8. Democrats Have a Looming Leadership Crisis

For Democrats, the only thing worse than Joe Biden at the top of the Democrat ticket in 2024 might be not having him at the top of the ticket.

Despite the fact that just 37 percent of Democrats want Biden to seek a second term, there do not appear to be any strong contenders waiting in the wings if Biden surprises everyone and declines to run for re-election or has a medical crisis that prevents him from running.

His natural successor, Vice President Kamala Harris, is even more unpopular and prone to gaffes than he is. Pete Buttigieg, once a mainstream media darling, has been revealed as incompetent and out-to-lunch through his mishandling of multiple crises as Secretary of Transportation.

9. Supreme Court Deals Multiple Blows to Liberal Overrreach

Despite big wins on trade and tax policy, former President Trump’s most significant legacy to date might be his nomination of three originalist judges to the Supreme Court, creating a 6-3 Republican-appointed majority.

Since Trump left office, that majority has been crucial to upholding Americans’ constitutional freedoms in the wake of an onslaught of liberal policies from congressional Democrats and the Biden administration. The Court has, among other important decisions, blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate, struck down unlawful regulation of the energy sector, upheld the right of a football coach to pray with his players, and of course returned the power to legislate on abortion to the states.

All of these decisions were major blows to the left, which has long relied on an activist bench to impose policies – like a “right” to nearly unlimited access to abortion – that they cannot enact democratically. With the Supreme Court now controlled by individuals committed to the institution’s intended purpose of interpreting laws rather than writing them, leftists have lost a major weapon in their political battles.

10. Republicans Retake the House and Look to Favorable Senate Map in 2024

The 2022 midterms were not the “Red Wave” that conservatives had hoped for. But Republicans did manage to retake the House of Representatives – a critical check on Democrats’ radical agenda.

Moreover, the 2024 Senate map looks favorable, with 20 Democrats facing reelection compared with just 10 Republicans. With President Joe Biden’s unpopularity and failure to address a slew of crises, the predictions of a historic Red Wave may have just been a couple years early.

11. The Economy Is Still Bad

Despite marginally better economic numbers recently, inflation is still over three times higher than the Fed’s target rate of 2 percent. Americans are still very pessimistic about the direction of the U.S. economy, and most investment banks believe a recession is on the horizon.

The left assured Americans that Democrat control in Washington and liberal policies would mean an economic revival. Instead, the recovery that began under President Trump has slowed and the future economic outlook is grim. This is bad news for America—but as is usually the case, there may be a silver lining for the party out of power.

With all of these forces now aligned against the left, it may well be the case that the tide of history has turned and conservatives have serious political and cultural momentum – if they can only capitalize on the opportunity before them to secure more lasting victories.

Shane Harris is a writer and political consultant from Southwest Ohio. You can follow him on Twitter @Shane_Harris_.

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Stanley G.
2 months ago

I pray for a Godly and patriotic return to one Nation under God for America.

2 months ago

Our elections are very tainted in the past several cycles.
I don’t have the answer because we don’t have any support from the GOP. Sure, they took our donations claiming they’d help stop it, expose them, get them prosecuted, get rid of the machines, blah blah blah blah.
I quit donating after that.
Been paying attention to the several reports of evidence already from many States.

Until or unless this gets FIXED, like the breeding pets we’ve had to deal with all our lives, they’ll keep doing it and reproducing more and more. Like feral cats.

God help us please ????

2 months ago

Thank you “AMAC News Line” for the article “11 Ways It’s All Falling Apart for the Left”. We need to keep these facts face and forward and keep reminding of the lies the left has tried to spread and use. Seek the truth and it will set us free.

2 months ago

If socialists still control elections, we are SOL. If the People have actually become so stupid, they think socialism and big government is a good idea, we are SOL. If we do not fight back and win, we are SOL. It’s all about our children and their children now and the danger is not “global warming” it is the loss of their freedom!

2 months ago
Reply to  DanM

Right on

Rob citizenship
2 months ago

The value of truth, respect for the truth, is at the foundation of anything that is going to build a society people have confidence in . So, the loss of interest in the left leaning news organizations is significant , a large number of people losing trust in the news organizations mentioned is a sign that indicates good sense is still being used. When a news organization becomes primarily a propaganda organization and it fails to function honestly it will shake things up in many ways, and that will contribute to a reevaluation of political thought. As mentioned in the last paragraph of the article Conservatives may now have serious political and cultural momentum if they can capitalize on the opportunities at present to secure more lasting victories. All of us who care about the United States of America and what it stands for will be doing right by helping the Conservatives accomplish what is necessary to set the country on the right course . Very good article, great realistic sense of hope conveyed in it
Shane Harris, it surely is appreciated.

2 months ago

Time to kick butts and take names!

2 months ago

Thank you Rob your input on this article as well. Very nicely said and needed.

Rob citizenship
2 months ago
Reply to  Barb

Thank you for your thoughtful reply Barb ,I appreciate it.

2 months ago

It’s been a long and painful time in coming. It’s nice to watch the socialist/democrats starting to squirm. Some of them may think they still have a bright future, most of them will be wrong. A revival for American values is starting. The blinders are coming off. Only the most diehard committed socialist/democrats will stay on board for the next round.

2 months ago

The LEFT destroys everything it touches. I don’t think it will destroy the US of America, but it sure makes everyone SICK…

2 months ago

By mid next week, Pres Trump may be indicted. Should that happen it’s another Biden term, and nevermind the Chinese money to Biden issue. Then it will the best days the lefties ever had. Question is will the voters make the correction? After the nice to have Obama phenom, and the ‘mean tweets’ phenom, I will pray hard that the voters decide to make corrections.

2 months ago
Reply to  No-mo-libs

I’m thinking it’s going to do reverse of what you say Nomolibs

2 months ago

As if anyone in charge of anything in our fat, dumb and happy country even CARE. Everything is going according to the Democrats Grand Plan.

2 months ago
Reply to  Sam

WAS going to plan. It’s unraveling quickly. If we vote in more young politicians like the conservative ones in the House, we will turn this thing around. The socialist/democrats know it.

2 months ago

And the 12th way —– the moment Biden won and the Dems took over the White House. With what they believe in, this country was bound to go downhill and sure enough it has.

Robert Zuccaro
2 months ago

Joe Biden is the King Midas of failure… except the border: thats all going as he (they) planned.

2 months ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

He wants them so they can vote.

2 months ago

Not one mention of the joke of an election! People need to wake up, or as long as the Dominion machines are being used, we will never win another election and we will lose our country and values forever. I expect better from AMAC.

2 months ago

Notice your inability to address or defend against the multiple failures and catastrophes of the current regime listed above.

2 months ago

Then go write your drivel for AARP.

2 months ago

Not anywhere near as much as you Communist wannabes!

2 months ago

Whoopee! . . . We sure can celebrate the Lefts failures while our Republic is being destroyed!

2 months ago

What is going on today has been planned for decades.
If you want to understand then read up on U.N. Agenda 2030, originally titled U.N. Agenda 2021, and what it’s actual intentions are. Some of the explanations I’ve found were written 5 to 10 years ago but what they say still holds today. If you read the actual Agenda it reads as if everything will be wonderful. No. Bottom line is the depopulation of Earth and what they call the “re-wilding” of Earth. People will be pack

2 months ago
Reply to  Chris

You are over the target. The Club of Rome aka Khazarian Mafia finalized the plan for 2030 and everything we see unfolding is the final chapter under Biden. Trump got in their way, hence the need to ensure he never gets another chance to foil their ultimate goal.

2 months ago

Can anyone with even the slightest understanding of God and biblical teachings considering it as “sinful “ to try
and block the sexual mutilation
of children.!!! as I heard Biden say. We have a lunatic as President. I’d like to ask him “what he thinks he’ll is going to look like “

2 months ago

I can’t ever remember thoroughly
Detesting a sitting president and his failed administration but these detestable godless morons are destroying this once great country. I pray every day for their
Removal from office as soon as humanly possible.

Mike L
2 months ago
Reply to  Dallas

have to remove the VP also, don’t want a cackling witch running the show

Dallas Johnson
2 months ago

Excellent coverage!!!

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