10 Reasons Congress Should Defund Planned Parenthood, From Women Who Have Been There

Congress and pro lifeOn April 29, protesters took to the streets across the country to call for Congress to finally fulfill Republican leaders’ promises to end taxpayers’ sponsorship of Planned Parenthood, our nation’s largest abortion provider.

Sadly, in the debate between pro-lifers and pro-aborts, certain voices are often ignored. This includes the women who have experienced abortion and were deceived by organizations like Planned Parenthood, which have a vested interest in downplaying or denying the effects abortion can have on women’s lives…

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from - The Federalist - by Theresa Bonopartis

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5 years ago

Our tax dollars are going to support Planned Parent Hood while they are killing babies and selling body parts – – – the Government forces us to be a part of this horrible disservice to God.

Chuck G
5 years ago
Reply to  Bonnie

PP= Planned NonParenthood

Tom Wilde
5 years ago

It is sad commentary that our national leadership would need TEN compelling reasons to stop the slaughter of the unborn.

Truly sad. Very disturbing.

I only need one reason: Thou Shalt Not Kill.

As the Bible states God knows us in the womb so life begins at conception.

End of debate.

5 years ago

Our government should not be funding any non profits. That’s our job to decide which ones we want to donate to.

5 years ago

The term “planned parenthood” means planning on, or NOT planning on having a child ahead of time. Planned Parenthood’s only function should be providing free contraception of any kind to all men and women. I don’t want my tax dollars given to someone who is too lazy to take a pill or insist on the use of a condom.

Diana Erbio
5 years ago

There should be more articles like this so Americans would have a better understanding about what Planned Parenthood calls”choice”.

5 years ago

I am disgusted that PP was not defunded in the budget passed last week. President Trump made promises to his voters and we did not see the results of those promises in this CR through Sept. There is no excuse for the cuts to not have been reflected in this budget; shutdown should have happened until the cuts were made. Talk is cheap and promises mean nothing until they are acted on–Ryan and McConnell have no interest in funding President Trumps agenda and it is dead until it is done…now we wait again as we have done for way too long.

5 years ago
Reply to  defiant1

I agree with you defiant1. We have voted for the very folks who said they would defund PP, repeal Obamacare, reform our tax structure, and drain the swamp of the politicans and lobbyists that are constantly spending us into bankrupcy and killing our liberties one lefist policy at a time!!!! If Trump is so good at negotiation and is the big shot business tycoon he claims to be, why doesn’t he treat these spineless Republicans like he does the left and threathen vetos over any bill that keeps moving this country left toward full fledge socialism? I don’t want to live like the poor folks in Venezula are doing now!!! I’m not quite at retirement age but I’m afraid by the time I get there, all my hard earned retirement savings will be confiscated by the government to feed all the leeches, moochers, and parasites who have never worked a day in their lives!!! Where so we do when our votes don’t seem to matter and aren’t changing anything?

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