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10 Morally Defining Moments in American History

AMAC Magazine Exclusive By Seamus Brennan

Far too frequently in our national political life, America is smeared as hopelessly backward, bigoted, and evil. In recent years, in particular, many Americans have been engulfed by the false narrative that their country, history, and traditions are forces for corruption and vice that must be repressed and defeated. An honest study of American history, however, reveals that our national story is not one of deep-seated racism or oppression. Rather, the American story is one of defying the odds, overcoming adversity, and faithfully striving to live up to our founding promise that all men are created equal…

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Rob citizenship
1 month ago

Very good article Seamus . Although not what could be called a morally defining moment , the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor represents something special in the history of the United States of America. The existence of “Lady Liberty” has been something inspirational to many people , for many years, and is an important part of the spirit of the country. Your article is a great synopsis of how this country developed and it is encouraging for anyone who values the ideas of Faith, Family and Freedom. Well Done !

Joe Roberts
1 month ago

I think there were other morally defining moments in our history which were just as, if not, more important. One was the legalization of abortion. The other was the legalization of same-sex marriage. Certainly these were morally defining moments. Neither one good, I might add. But that’s just an opinion.

1 month ago
Reply to  Joe Roberts

I think the two examples you mention would be more accurately called immorally defining moments in our history.

Tampa Retrograde
1 month ago
Reply to  Donna

Yup…how bout the weaponizing of the federal government not only against political opponents, but the The Poeple themselves? Never before happened on such a scale as being seen today.

Rebecca Brigandi
1 month ago

I loved the article. I also liked the fact that the entire magazine can be read on line and the pages turn. Even the other articles and pages were there. I have low eyesight so I don’t always read my AMAC Magaizine, but online I could see it much better. maybe you could do the same with all issues.

2 months ago

Before you say he sucks, tell me why you think he does = name calling is the easy way out. What is your view??

David Millikan
2 months ago

Excellent article.
Very educational.

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